The death list by Frederick Forsyth Review

Seven men speak death sentences on people who were possibly never arrested or interrogated, let alone received a fair trial; maybe you do not know their appearance again. Their execution is likely to be made out of the blue – in the form of an explosion, triggered by an unmanned drone, or the volley of a highly efficient killer commandos

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In the spring of 2014 [sic] the top spot of the list is filled. Name and face of the man: unknown. Only his voice and spread over the Internet hate speech identify him. . So it is designated “the preacher”, and must meet

“…. The preacher identify locating eliminate” the president writes on a paper – that is the EXORD that “präsidentiale Executive Order “which then on the desk” “lands and the final automatic of” his conducting human hunter sets penal justice in America “in motion. It’s that simple. The complex is considerably rest “of the Beagle,” a lieutenant colonel then regulates the U.S. Marine Corps, nothing except his codename know about the man.

Frederick Forsyth’s latest thriller ” The Kill List < " Frederick Forsyth:" the Kill list "in"

it is this “Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen” play a major role in Forsyth plot. (Some are derived from the coincidence of fictional representation of real events and special skills of the author from.) The militant extremist movement comes from Somalia and funded by local pirate warlords. The ideological whipping up the troops, recruiting new members and religious consolidation of suicide bombers, Muslim hate preachers feel called that call an ultra-radical interpretation of the Koran following the killings in the name of Allah.

This “the Beagle” the ( can track fictional) preacher, intelligence must be clamped and coordinated. What they in high-tech surveillance systems on earth and in heaven (satellites, drones) have muster, the normal mortals knows most of the movies or television. Sure Forsyth has not only, as one of us, “Homeland” persecuted, but was allowed to research from reliable sources. Anyway benefit his readers of it and get remarkable insight into this hidden world.

The British-selling author develops its action in the usual fact-oriented, emotion-poor writing style. We first read about school and military training of the “Beagle” whose career is already enshrined in the family tradition. Even grandfather and father served their country as officers of the American forces

Then we follow em young < > US Marine in the “War on Terrorism”. Forsyth sticks to the chronology of historical events that culminated in the attacks of 11 September 2001 and led the British and Americans to the realm of the Taliban.

In Afghanistan, the officer is in a silent spying Osama bin Laden also involved, such as in “Operation Anaconda”, a gruesome battle, fought the US forces together with allied Afghan militias and multinational special forces to al-Qaeda and Taliban units to destroy. Forsyth describes in particular, as a use of multiple Chinook helicopter a hit by a rocket-propelled grenade and opposing a US Navy Seal from the helicopter slips.

Gripping he designed as patriotic men then come in a heroic action to the comrades to help and to save him from the middle of al-Qaeda fighters are trying but this ends in disaster.

What immense power can exercise the word of a radical preacher who “Beagle” experienced first hand. His father, a general, falls into an assassination attempt in which an American senator dies. The perpetrator, a twenty-two-year-old student at a college in Michigan, was an American citizen. To six months earlier he had noticed anyone wearing jeans and jacket like all other young people.

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Before long, however, his appearance changed: He let his beard grow, and was clad in long robes. Of his teachers he demanded lessons breaks so that he could pray – five times a day. After the attack can be found in his apartment in addition to the study documents only Islamic texts in Arabic and videos of terrifying sermons in English: A masked face, can be seen from the only mouth and glowing amber eyes, challenge the viewer into flaming words to strive to Allah entirely subject to “serve him, to fight for him, for him to die … for him to kill.” He who dies as a “shahid”, as “martyrs”, where the doors to “Allah’s paradise” Open.

This contract was for the “Beagle” to turn this preacher up here a service to his state so it is after the severe injury of his father to a personal “vendetta” and consequently, the novel ends with a cinematic showdown of man to man …

white Forsyth loyal readership what to expect; Beginning readers should know before they buy the fight thriller “The death list”.

Forsyth, the successful author, is limited to the thrilling design of the undoubtedly most exciting action surface, and this craft he mastered perfectly. Exciting research, close encounters in an exotic ambience, dangerous actions in enemy territory and always new twists and complications will fascinate any reader. But in this world there are only two colors: black and white, embodied in the counterparty “the preacher” and “Beagle”. The good has the quasi-sacred duty to wipe out the evil to evil on earth push back. Questions that could possibly bring this simple worldview shaken, not on the table. That the Anglo-American self-righteousness in the global fight against terror circumnavigated human rights and accepts as inevitable that a few innocent neighbors perish if they let off by remote-controlled HiTech bomb “terrorist nest”, this is not an issue.

Forsyth, the ex-pilot of the Royal Air Force, makes no secret of his enthusiasm for American weapons, safety and flight systems. So the engineering services admirably behind it may be, we must not forget that, above all, the use of unmanned combat drones leads the planet in wars new dimensions with unprecedented moral issues. Although UN General Assembly and UN Human Rights Council in 2014 have taken to resolutions, but the US has not signed it, and NATO abstained.

Forsyth, former war correspondent who live dangerous missions as heroes of men combat zone, the seemingly limitless equipped with human, technical and financial intelligence organizations are perfectly prepared and even precisely supported across continents. That the soldiers how to get out now scientifically reliable reclaimed previous wars (both World Wars, Vietnam, “Desert Storm”) knows it eaten away by anxieties and may be subscribed for mentally and physically for the rest of her life, has no place in Forsyth universe.

By the way, can the whole novel play not only actionable woman. Also in this regard, “Homeland” was already on.

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