The Bucket List is death an end of life?

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The following sample essay on “The Bucket List is death an end of life?” is the life of human being is a wonderful gift, this wasn’t happened because of chances or probabilities but we existed on earth because we will do something or having purpose on earth, time flies so fast our life on earth is temporal, soon we will died. But how we will spend our life on earth, is death will be the last resort of our life or we will live our life to fullest and meaningful life.

In the film bucket list or before you kick the bucket or to die, bucket list is defined as a list of accomplishments or tasks one hopes to do or achieve before one dies. We shall start on early stage of our life we are all equal all of us born naked but sometimes the society tells that those babies been born with a silver spoon in their mouth will be secured their wealth or they are belong to upper class in the society.

On the beginning of our life we just a kids, we are no minds, we are Tabula rasa or our mind is in a blank state by John Locke, we don’t know anything, we don’t know nothing. The only things we want to do is to play and play until we feel exhausted we just enjoy our life playing toys and playing to other children and all things that we want will be bought by our parents because they care and love us so much.

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If I would be given a chance to became a children again I would accept it, because childhood memories is the best having no worries, no anxiety, no project, no thesis, no writings, no film review, no programming, no heart break, no works, no dreams, no goals and no Bucket list, Just enjoying our life in playing, walking, running, crawling and enjoying pulling or pushing toys.

Then the best moment is that our parents is fully support on us because we are just an innocent child on earth knowing nothing because the mind of children is not yet corrupted or polluted just a purely clean mind and heart. Some characteristic of children having eyes but no lewdness, having mouth but deceitfulness and having a heart but don’t feel angry to others and still continue our development in our body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As times goes by our parents will be our first teacher it be can the best moment again of our life because it shows how much our parents love us and care for us because the love of our parents is unconditional love no matter what, so that we love our mother too because life is too short we.

Don’t know what will happen tomorrow, how to speak the basic words or po, opo, mama, papa, sister, brother and etc, they will teach us how to read alphabetical letters and numbers and how write number and letters, also our parents will thought some good manners. The fundamental of our characteristic being a child will be based on our home because the cultures, tradition, beliefs, were introduced by our parents so that there will be biases on our beliefs and it will be shape our mind and body in the beginning, but after that we will able to learn the nature and nature of environment and we will acquire little knowledge of something then on our four to five years old our parents will enrolled us in kindergarten or pre schooling education approach were we can learn some activities like singing, drawing, dancing and social interaction to other children and also they will teach us moral education.

But as a children, we just enjoy things we don’t care anything just play and run, we just draw stick man on the paper and feeling amazed of what we see because in our perception that is very nice, that is the only things we know and understand so we’re proud of that. The next stage will be the teenage years maybe on this age we considered ourselves to have a dreams or a goals or a little bucket list for me my bucket is to enjoy teenage life and study first, teenage years is the hardest part of our life we will encounter different problems just like heartbreak, mutual feelings to another gender after your deep talking or chatting.

For almost a year then one will be fall in love and one will be avoid you so that in the beginning of your deep friendship you must suppress your feeling for someone because if I have feeling on someone but she don’t have feeling on me that is destructible I just hurt myself and over thinking to someone who don’t care for me, So that you considered yourself how to suppress your feeling whether you will hurt or you can hurt someone then my greatest goal in teenage years is to have a bachelor’s degree first before anything else and to feel proud of my parents that their hard works to me is fruitful. Maybe many teenagers will be encounter curiosity in different things, finding your forever, gender identity crisis, depression, emotional issues, self confidence, being grade conscious and to know who really I am. This stage we must be wise to find our company of friends the fewer the better or choose the best people that will surround us which can.

Help us to grow or choose those people who choose you even you are not worthy, those friends must have the characteristics of being loyal, trustworthy, honest and frank to told you that you did a wrong things so that all of us can build healthy relationship and lasting friendship forever. Then the next is pressure on studies so much college students just like me are having difficulty in studying because some subjects or our major subject is really hard to understand you need a lot of logic, patience and coffee so that you can able to pass this information technology course we must trash unnecessary things in our life so that we can focus on our study, there will be so much circumstances but if we believe that we can do that we can able to do that, just like a healthy mind is a healthy body.

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