Hurt Locker Summary

Tuesday,September,11,2001. This was a day that would change the world forever. More importantly, it changed the way America viewed Middle Eastern countries.In the following days after, America would declare war against all terrorist organizations, and would soon learn that it was a fight they would become addicted to. The desire to be in dangerous high-risk situations is a theme that we see constantly throughout the movie and is magnified through Sergeant First Class Willam James’ unorthodox ways of diffusing bombs in intense situations.

This leads to the main theme within this movie, that “War is a drug”- Chris Hedges. In the film The Hurt Locker, by Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow, we see how American politics are conducted through the depiction of the character Sergeant First Class William James. Throughout the movie we see the characters change, develop different beliefs and ways of looking at life.This represents how America has changed through its difficult time fighting in The War on Terror.

This film successfully portrays how war is a drug, and that Americans will always return to the battlefield with their brother’s in arm no matter how dangerous the foreign land will seem, because just like drugs, war is addictive.

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To fully understand this review you must first understand the political views that America has and what they have been through leading up to the films release date in 2008. America has yet to fully recover from 9/11.The fear of another attack looms large overs civilians.

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The Obama administration was actively pursuing the leader of the Al-Quaeda.At the same time, they were slowly pulling troops out from Afghanistan and Iraq, with the intention of withdrawingaltogether from the War on Terror, to instead focus on threats only pertaining to the American people.

When reviewing the theme of ‘Desire to be in high risk situations’, we see Sergeant First Class William James return to the line of fire aft…

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