Never Hurt Anyone Essay

One important step in order to avoid any kind of fight and unpleasant situation in class is to ignore bullying done by some students. The students, who get into bullying others their main purpose is to cause frustration, arouse anger and pinch others. However, if they do not get any response they simply leave it. Some students find pleasure in making others angry and disturbing them. Parents and teachers interference is a must when students fight or bully each other. Some students in the class have the habit of bullying others, using abusive language, take control of power in the class, and show themselves as very genius.

They try to putdown their fellows, taunt them, tease and mock to evoke anger. In such situations other students must get help from their teachers and parents. Parents and teachers must interfere to get the things settle down. Sally explores in details the reason why some students stick on bullying others. She writes in details about several ways that kids can handle in situations where they’re bullied by someone.

They can simple skip teasing and mocking done by others. Sally makes some important points that some students may get obsessive about their religion, race and color.

She explores the reasons that why do some students have such a hateful attitude towards others. They might be jealous at something. They might be jealous of the good marks other students obtain, the attention they get from the teacher, the things they posses, and they also have a jealousy among friendships with girls.

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There could be many reasons. Students get jealous at several points. Sally in her book uses some practical and fun methods instead of making situation stressful, tensed and demanding. It is not necessary that we should always taunt, criticize and show anger on students for not getting work the right way.

Words Cant Hurt Me

But what teachers must have in them is to understand each and every student and before criticizing them s/he must ask student why it was not possible for him/her to accomplish the task. Many studies show that when we make things stressful for students they loose interest in it. It is very important that teachers must take interest while teaching kids. It is a generally observable thing that when teachers take interest while teaching and pay attention to each and every student the results are much more fruitful. Developing student’s interest requires skilled teaching.

The one that makes teaching a fun and exciting for students, it must not be a hectic or burden. Once students get interested, the subject itself becomes an attention-grabbing for students. Just dictating students few important points is not enough as most students cannot keep their concentration focused on what is being said. This is because they loose interest. The only way to keep them interested is to teach them practical way. Teacher and students both must be practically involved in performing those tasks that are being taught.

Practically each and everything can be understood in a much better way. While studying a topic or subject it is important to explore it practically. It is a well known fact that unless we don’t do things practically there are many things left that are not clear. By doing things practically it is easier to memorize and get familiar with the topic of study. In addition, making some of things fun can simply boost their interest. Sally blends her teaching experience with psychology of students in the classroom and humor that makes classroom situation pleasant and interesting place to learn.

The tips and techniques she addressed are useful not only for teachers and classroom but they can be useful for parents and in general for everyone who engages in teaching and dealing with kids. It is a blend of psychological principles and teaching techniques that makes learning much better. Verbal abuse is common in today’s classroom. If not tolerated, it can result in serious kind of fight between the two groups. Sally, in Words Cannot Hurt Me, deals with emotional state of students who suffer in class and make them aware of several practices they can adopt to avoid such bullying.

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