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Ryu Murakami books intended only for a narrow circle of people. For those who are in this circle are not included, they are unlikely to be of particular interest as literary works.

Perhaps the book even has a style. But, just as the vast majority of people will not admire the masterful film about rape, and so it is impossible to admire the works of Ryu. He has the ability, hardly anyone needed: intrigues for the first hundred pages, starting to tell an unusual story that captures the imagination, and then … then Rue pours reader a bunch of all sorts of nasty things that people like me, starts nauseated

The style in which he leads the narrative is most similar to the story of a mentally ill person.

Murder, rape, mutilation, a broken mind, strange – all the author tells the story as if he does not understand the monstrous absurdity of what is happening. Probably because the child perceives the world, born and raised in the cellar.

Sunlight, normal relations, affection or love for him does not mean anything – the child simply did not see them

As for the characters Ryu quarters ghetto in the middle of Tokyo, the crocodile, who lives in the apartment of the girl model, bearded man. , living in an abandoned mining town – absolutely normal and acceptable thing. The narrative resembles a stream of consciousness of the patient delusional thoughts – priglyadnogo it a little. And a sense of the absurdity of growing from page to page. If the beginning of the novel still somehow resembles reality (even if you take out the images of storage and tomatoes camera), then by a hundredth page, the reader translates into a focus of concentrated schizophrenic delusion that, by definition, must occur at least mild nausea.

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it’s amazing ability to describe Ryu even little things in such a way that from them begins to distort. Most, at first glance, the usual movement and actions in the novels Ryu turn into rituals, proclaiming

abnormality man and the reality around him. Of course, you could write off all the abnormality of what is happening in the novel to the trauma of the two heroes more in childhood. ( “The kids has great vitality, which allowed them to survive, and yet it is it prevents the normal functioning of the brain.”) But I think the point here is not so much in a distorted perception of reality, the characters, as in the abnormality of the world that has created Ryu. For what it was coined by a terrible world, is unclear. Maybe it – a kind of projection of the inner life, perhaps, the novel is nothing else as a veritable flood of delirium, once generated by the consciousness of the author. In any case, I can not imagine what a normal person would think through the twists and turns of the plot and reality itself, full of cripples, perverts, prostitutes of both sexes, violence and death.

I’ve had enough for 200 pages. After a description of the sex scenes featuring one of the characters I almost threw up right on the escalator. Perverted understanding of the world … And, worst of all, I clearly realized that, I continued to read and then I’ll start to experience their surroundings as well as the author. It seems that immersion in such a delirium at least 550 pages of the novel can lead to irreparable brain disorders.

«Then fingertip pressed the pointed chin, neck, chest, so get the red carpet. Kiku like all Anemone body, from the border of the forehead and the hair to toenails, turned red. Then poke her in the side pin, and then the girl would disappear, leaving in his hands something viscous and slippery, like ketchup “- that conveys a sense of Rue young man holding a girl in his arms. Rare in its protivnosti description.

Sometimes it is such texts, filled with stories about the fact that in real life we ​​would never have become not receive and digest, become a means for us to experience their own aggression and rottenness. And, incidentally, a very convenient means: what you read, do not know hardly anyone, what feelings do you feel at the same time, also did not know anybody, and in the dark need is satisfied. And no one noticed anything.

Therefore, there is always something to think about when you see someone reading the book Ryu Murakami.

Compared to the “parasites” and “69” “Coin Locker Babies” – a work of rare muck. Although I am personally of all prose Rue nauseated. Fiction for perverts, that’s what it is. (Because I wanted to help but very bright estimates! …)

And, if I, a person with tainted in that respect psyche toshnovato like to read, I can not imagine how people read it completely adequate .

And, if you draw the line, then believe the reviews, printed on the cover, it is not necessary in any case.

I do wonder who decided that Russia too need such a large the circulation of works of Ryu. And is it so popular in Russia, and Japan? – a big question mark. And I will gladly refund the book to the library to not eyesore and spoil a nice selection of literature, collected on my shelf.

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