Designer Babies Research Paper

This sample essay on Designer Babies Research Paper provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

A designer baby is defined in the dictionary to be “a baby developing from an embryo created In-vitro fertilization and selected because It had or lacked particular genes, the genetic makeup often having been modified by genetic engineering. ” This term Is simply referring to the newly scientific developed process providing a chance that would enable parents to genetically modify their child whilst it is still in the form of an embryo.

The overall idea on this topic that is being raised at this present moment is the discussion of whether or not to permit people to determine their children’s ones, which would help Immensely in lowering the risks of various diseases. The positives are endless for It may help parents rid a hereditary disease, or provide chance for saving a child that may need a bone marrow transfer, to the less extreme ideas of being able to determine the sex of your child as well as the color of their eyes and hair.

Although despite the positives there are various negatives that need to be taken into perspective and be properly analyses. The three major categories for the negatives are the moral and ethical, social, and health concerns. The controversy n the Issue Is considering all possible factors that can occur If they give the go on ‘designer babies’ In Australia, not only do they have the positives and negatives In front of them but some evidence and real life results that will help them reach a concise conclusion.

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First let us assess the positives involved with designer babies.

Designer Baby Articles

One that is widely viewed to be one of the main positives that come from this process Is the fact that for some parents by choosing their child’s genes they will be able to eliminate the chances of Inheriting a disease which may be common throughout the history of heir family tree. By the end of 2001 it was recorded that there was the successful birth of at least 30 genetically modified babies in the US. The process consisted of the offspring carrying DNA from three parents’ two parts of the genetic material was from women and the third from a male.

The initial motivation for the US scientists in doing it was the high rates of mitochondria disease that many children seemed to be suffering from and by around the age of 10 they were either producing mild or devastating symptoms. The stance put on genetically modified babies Is divided for It s believed to be ethically wrong but then there are the endless possibilities of this scientific discovery eradicating into something further as the study, research and trials progress.

The world could seriously be looking at the solution that may one day eradicate this world from disease; these points are very optimistic but just think of where we are today and the advances we have already made In this research, who can even begin to imagine where It may lead us to with In the next 50 years or so. Furthermore the prospects that genetically modified babies provide for future billings that may be in desperate need of help. Another positive outcome from this procedure would mean that less money would needed to be spent for medical treatments for the future.

By the means of less money needed to be devoted to the health It would enable us as a community o developments within the community that may require some extra attention. Overall not only would families benefit but the economical status of the community and the progression of being able to move forward in developing a more wider, diverse and knowledgeable community. It is believed that through the advances that have been made in the research of genetically modified babies that scientists will now be able to provide families that have a child who suffers from a particular disease take cancer for example.

This child is in a desperate need for a bone marrow transfer but there is no match but through the scientific process of genetically modified babies scientists would be able to create an exact match for this child and therefore result in saving a child’s life whilst having created another. In the movie My Sister’s Keeper, which was first a book written by Jodi Piccolo presents the story of a family who had a daughter that was in desperate need of a bone marrow or otherwise she would die.

Through her parents determination to save their daughters life they work with doctors to successfully create a match for Kate. Once Anna was born she was required to donate various parts from her body to help her sister. However as Anna grew older she began to question her parent’s decision, which resulted in her filing a lawsuit against her parents. Despite all the positives genetically modified babies poses there are also any negatives and repercussions that we first need to face.

On the other hand we as a society need to weigh up both the positives and negatives that may be evoked if we went ahead with allowing parents to choose their child’s genes. The main moral and ethical concerns that revolve around this issue is the questioning of are we playing too much of a role as God in undertaking this process? Also the fact that in order to create a genetically modified baby they actually have to kill off some embryos which is viewed as that those embryos that they have Just stored to help create one being could also have grown and developed into humans.

It is pointed out that by some scholars such as George Nanas who was reviewed in an article called The Prospect of Designer Babies: Is it Inevitable, which is an article that has focused on exploring the factors involved within designer babies her is a part from the article which helps support the Moral and Ethical stance on the issue. “From a more ethical outlook, some scholars claim that altering a child’s genes before he or she is born would be a violation of rights, and it would “sacrifice redeems, promote competition, and accentuate hierarchy’ (Sprier 1809). R. E.

Sprier, in analysis of works by Francis Fauvism and Gregory Stock, explains that we would lose a sense of humanity. We would become “cowboys,” or functional cowboys, with “extrapolate electromechanical devices to improve senses and organs” (Sprier 1807). Fauvism asks us to look into three issues when considering genetic engineering: “the right of a human to be a human; the dignity of a human, which would be lessened by deliberate genetic manipulation; and the preservation of unman nature” (Sprier 1809). – See more at: http://pit]urinal. UNC. Deed/article/ prospect-designer-babies-it-inevitable#stash. Yachted. Duff ” Standing and the further gap it would evoke within the community. While taking on board the possible consequences of designer babies one that has stood to mind is the fact that as this process is very dear it would only be a viable option for the more richer families as opposed to the poorer ones, not only does this further outline the differences it would lead to a social scale where the poor were always on the bottom ND the richer up on top. “Some of the most challenging moral and ethical questions about a license to design babies concern the societies it might lead to.

The movie Cataract depicts a future in which genetically enhanced people take the lead, viewing enhanced people as fit only to clean up after them. Liberal democracy is a cooperative venture in which all are seen as having something to offer. 17 Will genetic enhancement bring this social arrangement to an end, creating societies in which enhanced people are viewed by their genetic superiors in much the same way that e currently view chimpanzees, suitable for drug testing and zoo exhibits but little else? ” – See more at: http://www. Concessionaires. Org/biotech/agar. HTML It is believed that the process of genetically modified babies may lead to them acting more superior to their peers and feel as though that they are as important as the Queen which would most likely result problematically and cause issues for the children that families have either chose not to have them modified or cannot afford it. The other major concern for the scientists and health professionals are the many fatty concerns that is involved with the process and also the fact that this is still a very new development and hasn’t had major amounts of practice.

Three of the concerns include the fact that it can lead to OCHS which means Ovarian Hyper- stimulation Syndrome, that some lab technology may effect the embryo during biopsy causing the embryo damage, and also the removal of eight-cell embryos has its implications for the well-being of people that are created by PEG or in other words Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. Through research and testing on various animals t was shown that “Animal clones suffer from a variety of problems that some scientists connect with incomplete reprogramming of somatic cell DNA or damage inflicted by the process of nuclear transfer.

Human clones may also suffer from these problems” – See more at http://www. Concessionaires. Org/biotech/agar. HTML Therefore there are many considerations that need to be taken into consideration first. After having outlined some of the negatives and positives of designer babies there are still many that scientists and health professionals need to analysis and further explore these factors. As well as being provided with the ability to conduct further experiment’s in order to gain evidence on this particular process.

The idea of permitting parents to genetically modify their child is going to be a long process before anything is allowed to take place. Despite this slow and long process there is no doubt amongst experts that within the near future or so we will be well on the way to having all of our future children genetically modified in an attempt to eradicate the chances of disease and illness throughout ones life time.

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