Top Shoe Designer in Fashion Industry

Shoe Designers are one of the most important members of the fashion industry due to the many pros the industry has to offer. Schooling for a shoe designer all depends on the student and how far they are planning to take their degree. When thinking of fashion the general public thinks that all designers make a high amount of money when it all depends on multiple variables. Most jobs have a form of satisfaction but creating shoes that are worn all around is a big accomplishment.

Shoe designers are one of the most important people in the fashion industry because the earning potential is unlimited and also the job satisfaction is enormous because it is a custom creation made by a small number of people.

Schooling to become a shoe designer can all determine on each person and how long they wish to attend school. The average schooling for a shoe designer is anywhere from two through four years. Extending education for shoe design can help with finding a better job and also having a higher earning potential from the start.

Branching out and studying fashion design can also help increase the rate of finding a better job. Shoe fashion and fashion, in general, is always changing so studying for a longer period can help with understanding periods of fashion and how to adapt to an industry that is always changing. Schooling is not the only thing that is needed for a career in shoe design according to Charlotte Owens, “A successful career in footwear requires a breadth of creative, commercial and technical expertise”.

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The annual salary of a shoe designer all depends on the company someone is working with and also how involved a person is. Getting a job with a known company most of the time guarantees a higher pay job. Also working with luxury or expensive brands can also advance someone’s earnings and experience level. Finding the correct connections can help with finding the desired job and can help with starting off with a job that otherwise would be hard to obtain.

Having a custom shoe has a very large job satisfaction due to the fact that most will not have a custom shoe that is being bought all around. Being a part of the creation of a shoe that is wanted all around can help with moving up to bigger and better companies that have higher paying wages. Creating a shoe is a very long process that requires many qualities in an interview with Matt Rask he stated that “… the process is so long up to 18 months for an athletic shoe, there is a lot communication required back and forth”. Most clothing is found to be very similar others but shoes are not, having a shoe that is unique and wanted by buyers is a huge achievement and a great way to improve a resume. A shoe can always come back to be a retro shoe and an unlimited earning can be created due to the fact that if a shoe is coming back to stores, it will most likely be sold quickly.

Being a shoe designer might not always be as great as it seems due to the fact that the fashion industry is increasing and finding a job could be difficult. Finding a large company to like nike, Adidas, Jordan, and Under Armor will be a challenge. Dwayne Edwards is a creator of four different jordan brand shoes and once said “there are probably a little over 10,000 footwear designers in our industry… less than 100 look like me”

Finding a job with a salary that is acceptable by a person might be difficult. Finding a job that has good pay will be difficult if a person is starting off and little to no experience. Working with smaller companies to gain experience would be the best way to work up to landing a job with high-end companies. If finding a job wasn’t hard then creating a shoe that is accepted by the community as a good shoe and a shoe that everyone wants will be most likely the biggest challenge there is.

A shoe designer has one of the best and most important jobs within the fashion industry for multiple reasons. The schooling for this career all depends on how long a person wants to attend school and also how experienced they would like to get. Also, the earnings for a shoe designer can lead up to be very large earnings. Shoes that are popular and that are selling are going to leave the creator and designer with big amounts of job satisfaction. Becoming a shoe designer maybe not start as an easy career and will take years and years of working the small jobs to later gain the pay and job that is wanted.

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