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Don’t’ be misunderstood by title! Bend it Like Beckham actually has little to do with David Beckham. The main character of the film is an eighteen-year-old Indian girl, Jess who lived in West London. Jess lived in a traditional Sikh family, which her parents expect her to become a top solicitor and marry a nice Indian boy as soon as possible. But Jess herself would rather kick a football with her friends than be dolled up in make-up and clothes.

She had a strong passion for football and idolised David Beckham One day, Jess’ amazing soccer potential was spotted by Jules, an British young girl who, as Jess did was soccer-mad. Jules then invited Jess to join the Hounslow Harriers, the local girl’s football team. Jess swiftly agreed without the permission from her parents.

Jess and Jules soon became best friends. While Jess kept her playing in the football team a secret from her parents, Jules’ mother was worried that her tomboy daughter would not be able to score a boyfriend and even thought that she had become a lesbian.

 To add insult to injury, Jess’ sister Pinky was dead set on marrying her boyfriend on the day which clashed with a crucial match for Jess’ team. Jess was then forced to face with choosing to upset her team or her family.

Her choice was soccer. Sneaking out in the middle of her sister’s wedding to attend the match. With the splendid performance of Jess and Jules, their team won the match, and was even provided with a scholarship to America to play as a professional footballer while studying in university.

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 In the end, Jess’ family finally realised that what Jess really want was playing football, there was point forcing her to do things she did not like. And the best friends went to America to finally fulfil their dreams to become a full time footballer.

Reflection Bend It Like Beckham is a very light-hearted, entertaining film, a lot of issues have been raised in the film, including cultural clashes, female independence and the importance of family. In the film, Jess was faced with many challenges due to social and cultural issues. She was from a restrictive Asian family who held strong cultural values and religious beliefs. Jess’ parents foreboded her to play football as they felt she should be concentrating on her studies and learn to be more lady-like instead. Nowadays, conflicts with family and parents can easily found in society today. Sons and daughters always think that their parents are too ‘backward’ and they do not understand their thoughts. To solve theses conflict, both sides should work together; parents should try their best to find out what their sons and daughters really want and sons and daughters should also try to understand the hardships of their parents.

In the film, Jess also confronted with the traditional culture of her race, and that her family thought that woman soccer could never compete with men. I think that not just parents but everyone in the world should be more open-minded. Over the centuries, it was proved that woman is no weaker than man. The film fully reveals the independence of woman. Moreover, I really admire Jess for her passion and determination for soccer. Although her way to success was not easy to pass through, she never surrendered. In life, there are always difficulties and obstacles. I think we should learn from Jess to stay tough and believe in ourselves.

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