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Free essays on Thyroid Disease are academic resources that provide information about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of thyroid disorders. These essays cover different types of thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism or an underactive thyroid, hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid, thyroiditis, and thyroid cancer. In addition, the essays may also discuss the impact of thyroid disorders on the body, mind, and overall health of an individual. These essays are valuable for students, healthcare professionals, and individuals who want to understand more about thyroid disease.
Hyperparathyroidism in Humans and Canines
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Calcium makes up 1 to 2% of total body weight. Ninety-nine percent of that calcium is stored in the bones, whilst the remainder is found in the blood, muscles and other tissues. Maintenance of homeostatic levels of calcium in the blood is regulated by two counterregulatory hormones. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) and calcatonin which are released from the parathyroid gland and thyroid gland, respectively, maintain a blood calcium level of about 10mg/dL [Blaine, Chonchol et al. 2015]. Deviation from that amount…...
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Fluorodopa [F-18] – Thyroid Cancer (Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma)
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Medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC) has different characteristics compared to all other types of thyroid cancer. It starts as an abnormal growth of cancer within the thyroid cells. It produces from the parafollicular C cells of the thyroid gland. These cells make a hormone called calcitonin instead of making thyroid hormone. It is an uncommon neuroendocrine tumor comparing to all other thyroid malignancies in the United States. In order to detect the medullary thyroid carcinoma we use the Positron Emission Tomography…...
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Seizure Disorders and Thyroid Antibodies
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Importance of thyroid antibodies diagnosis for the patient The testing of anti-thyroid antibodies in cases of a patient who have deranged thyroid profiles is significant. Tipu et al. (2018) notes that common autoimmune thyroid disorders (AITDs) include Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves diseases. Anti-TPO and anti-TG antibodies are present in an estimated 90% of cases of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (Tipu et al., 2018). Hence, their diagnosis was important in confirming the disease. Symptoms experienced when too much thyroid replacement medication is administered…...
DiseaseThyroid Disease
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Hypothyroidism: Symptoms, Risk Factors and Treatments
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Fatigue. Weight gain. Sensitivity to cold. Constipation. Anxiety/depression. Hair loss. Joint/muscle weakness. When these symptoms are unexplained and found in conjunction with one another, they are often a sign of hypothyroidism, which is a very common disorder. The thyroid is a small, butterfly shaped gland located at the base of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. It is fairly large and consists of two lobes joined by a central mass called the isthmus. It is responsible for making two…...
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Primary Ovarian Insufficiency
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Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that studies endocrine glands, specifically their structures, functions and disorders. Endocrine disorders or diseases include a malfunction (no secretion, hyposecretion or hypersecretion) of hormones involving an endocrine gland. The endocrine glands in our body include: hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas, ovaries, testes and the pineal gland. Hormones are chemical substances that control and regulate actions of target cells or organs by methods of simple feedback (positive and negative feedback) or the nervous system.…...
HealthThyroid Disease
Why Yearly Health Check Up Is Important if You Are Over 40
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As one gets older, it is natural to start worrying about your health and fitness. If you have been someone who has not had an intake of greens or never relied on fitness it is going to show on your internal tests like physical exams, health history exams and many others. It is recommended one conduct a full health checkup every 6 months once they cross 35 years. But people also have the choice to not do it because it…...
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Ashitaba Reviews What Is Ashitaba Leaves
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Hyperlipidemia is the elevation of fasting blood triglyceride and cholesterol concentrations. This condition may be inherited or may be a consequence of another disorder such as hypothyroidism, alcohol dependence, kidney failure, and diabetes mellitus and can also raise the risk for heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. It is not an illness itself but merely a condition that can be linked to serious diseases and can be prevented by lifestyle modification and medications. Cases of hyperlipidemia in the Philippines increase…...
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Why Yearly Health Check Up Is Important if You Are Over 40
...Thyroid: Thyroid disease is a condition present in many people these days. This affects the functioning of your thyroid gland. This is located at the front of your throat let us say neck and produces thyroid hormones and helps in reg...
Ashitaba Reviews What Is Ashitaba Leaves
...Scope and Delimitations of the Study The study will be confined on the effects of ashitaba crude ethanolic extract in high lipid level in mice. Extracts are prepared in 3 different strengths – 5 mg/kg, 10mg/kg, and 20 mg/kg, for the comparison and ...
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