Why Yearly Health Check Up Is Important if You Are Over 40

As one gets older, it is natural to start worrying about your health and fitness. If you have been someone who has not had an intake of greens or never relied on fitness it is going to show on your internal tests like physical exams, health history exams and many others. It is recommended one conduct a full health checkup every 6 months once they cross 35 years. But people also have the choice to not do it because it might stress some people.

As one gets older you take much informed decisions. With experiences you boost your confidence on stepping ahead to make better decisions. You health means much more to you than anybody around you. So it is ok to get a little selfish and take a preventive health checkup. The regular checkup for people above 40 is now called the over 40’s health check which is a full body checkup done on you to analyze any pre-illness symptoms. Let us look at the medical checkup tests that are recommended to a person who has turned 40.

Blood pressure screening: One of the major reasons to rise in number of deaths in the world is heart disease. With 56% of population dying every year due to blood pressure it is crucial to do a full body checkup as a preventive health checkup rule and analyze how you keep your blood pressure normal through diet, mental health and overall health. The problem with hypertension is they don’t give you a warning sign they just damage your body inch on inch and you get to the verge of collapsing that you are taken to the hospital.

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Cholesterol screening: High cholesterol can be another murderer if you do not be mindful of what you feed your body. Genetics, dietary factors, weight, sleeplessness, overeating are all a few reasons to cholesterol. Once you reach 40 your routine doctor is going to check the risk of heart diseases in you in the next decade. Sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol are the lead players in this. If the doctor analyses a 10 % risk factor to heart diseases in you, you are more likely to get one.

Diabetes check: If you are someone reading this being over 30 then its time you get a random blood sugar test done on you. Doctors recommend a routine diabetes check up after you turn 45. Blood sugar level changes as you age. The 10 year chart comes here as well. This hosts a lot of conditions that come by you later on in your life. The bearing illness alongside sugar is kidney failure, heart diseases, stroke, nerve disorder etc.

Skin Check: If you are at your forties and never visited a dermatologist it is best to go check one soon. Nearly 20% of overall global population fall under skin disease category most of it being a rare skin cancer which is not treatable. May be working with your doctor to check that discoloration on your skin, that mole you never got checked, the increase of warts on the sensitive areas of your body, that lump you thought would go in a few days, the heat boils etc. are all something that needs to be checked.

Mammogram: These days there is no dearth of women speaking about surviving breast cancer. Women as early as 38 are now getting breast cancer and almost 30,000 people are surgically helped with every year. Most of them go for a health checkup package and refuse to check on mammogram because they are too shy of it or find it far less important. Women do not want to slow down because of an illness and go on unchecked until they turn 50. Family with a history of breast cancer should definitely get their mammogram done as early as possible and make it part of their full body checkup.

Cervical cancer screening: Doctors recommend cervical cancer screening for women as young as 21 years old. The frequency of the preventive health checkup deters as you age. Hpv test and PAP tests are mandatory in the process and these are performed on you every 5 years after you turn 50 years unless a risk is analysed.

Prostrate screening: Prostrate cancer for men is similar to breast cancer for women although it is not widely spoke about. Risk factors for prostrate cancer include having a family history or being sexually involved with multiple partners. It is as painful as any cancer and needs to be part of the routine medical checkup.

 Eye exam: If you feel certain products are not suiting your eye like a mascara or liner or kajal, it definitely says something about your eyes. You start with analyzing how the product is doing for other people and then you go on looking at how this product is affecting you. Sometimes using the same product for years can cause allergic reactions but sometimes eye problems also cause an allergy towards cosmetics and your vision slowly gets compromised. It is recommended to meet an eye doctor once you hit 40 because your vision slowly starts corroding and we need to accept that part of reality.

Thyroid: Thyroid disease is a condition present in many people these days. This affects the functioning of your thyroid gland. This is located at the front of your throat let us say neck and produces thyroid hormones and helps in regulating the other parts of your body. The dysfunction of your thyroid gland can lead to million other problems including thyroid cancer. If it is not treated on time it is more likely to affect one mentally and physically. TSH, T4 etc. are part of the routine full body checkup. Analyzing an issue with thyroid gland helps you function better in a lot of streams like cognition, learning, speed reading, better appetite, better health, better vocal chord training, better energy preservation etc.

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