5 Interesting and Important Topics That You Should Know About Medieval England

Medieval England was a great time period because it was fun and happy, but it also had some wars and fighting. In this paper there will be 5 interesting and important topics that you should know about Medieval England.Those topics are kings, the battle of Hastings, bouquets, castles and Robin Hood.

Castles in Medieval England were mainly built in Southern Italy before they became popular in England. Castles mainly had 2 main parts which were a stone and a gate house.There are a lot of different parts to a castle, they have bridges and motes,but the most important part of the castle is the drawbridge, it protect the kings from robbers,thieves ,and people who wanted to harm the king.

There is another part of a bridge that is very important, that is called a gate house a “gate house is a large stronghold in a castle wall”( Alier, page 385) if the attackers entered gate house,” castle defenders lower a large screen to trap them inside”( Alier, page 385 ) .

Outside of the castle it was made up of stone walls, inside the castles were towers, a courtyard, a living room, kitchens, and a great hall. The castle started to replace a log house in medieval England.

Kings mostly stayed in the palace and they collected taxes Queens did exist, and they were married to the kings. Kings mostly did all the work, and they also stayed at the palace where they attended royal banquets and other royale things. Kings also wore long robes the long the robes the richer they were.

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The kings wore a lot of jewelry to proclaim their riches. Kings were always overdressed. One of the most well known kings was King Henry. King Henry developed a system called writes. Writes was a system that was used to determine who the real landowner was with a trial by jury or kind of like court.

In 1066 the king died and started a war. The battle of hastings began on October 14 and this battle had two nobles fighting to be king it was a bloody battle. However, it changed Medieval England forever, because people in the medieval times looked up to nobles more than kings because they were fearless and strong . The battle did not end very well thought there was a lot of damage to the land. One of the nobles got killed in this battle. So the other noble won and became the new king.

Royale banquets were very detailed and the kitchen was responsible for making all the food. One of the most important part of the banquete was the food. They also had entertainment like magazines. they usually had at soup, cheese made from pig’s head,pudding, baked fish, pork, venison, pheasants, larks and other birds at a royal banquet. During the middle ages wealthy people liked to give large banquets. Lords would invite many guests, and the guest usually came .During the middle ages, Europe came into contact with alien cultures. This sparked a new interest for the exotic foods

Robin hood is a well known character and it was said that he lived in the medieval England during the time of King Richard and his brother King John. He lived in the forest, and he was known for fighting injustice and robbing the rich to give to the poor. Robin Hood was an outlaw who lived in the Sherwood Forest, and became folklore here in popular culture. People say that Robin Hood is known throughout the world.

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