1 introductionDid you know The average Australian intake of sugar

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1. introduction

Did you know The average Australian intake of sugar 60 grams which is equivalent to 14 teaspoons of sugar per day? WOW that’s shocking.

That Sugar Film is an Australian documentary starring and directed by Damon Gameau. The film looks at hidden sugar in foods and the effect it can have on the human body, to show his personal journey to discover the truth about sugar. it presents the viewpoint that sugar is an addictive substance for many. It presents the viewpoint that sugar is an addictive substance towards the issue of sugar consumption.

I will use the SWAT codes such as Audio codes and the documentary conventions of Cinema Verit?. to examine how this perspective is shown.

Damon perspective is shown and is represented as an average Aussie and is somewhat a doubter and not sure whether he’s for or against sugar.

towards the issue of sugar consumption. I will use all the SWAT codes and the documentary conventions of cinema verite to examine how this perspective is shown. Damon and the nutritionists are represented as Damon being a doubter whos not sure if he’s for or against sugar who values having a healthy lifestyle, the nutritionist is represented as a medical expert and the value of being ‘ disease free ‘.

2. body paragraph 1

First, the use of the documentary conventions of cinema verite shows the perspective of Damon Gamon. Damon is seen talking to the camera frequently one on one with the camera. an example is when he first arrives in America and goes to Jamba Juice and is talking to the camera and in the background, there’s no music happening just what is happening around him with the people talking which is a real-life event.

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that explains that in the documentary there’s him just having a moment with himself and talking about the impact sugar has with our health and what his point of view of the topic is. Damon is also seen in the video talking to Edvin Smith who is a dental surgeon having a conversation about the clients he sees and the type of teeth he sees which have tooth decays etc. a camera was placed and there was no background music, just the real-life event. that is another example of how the documentary convention was used. To sum up my first point, Damon Gameau is regularly seen in the documentary having a cinema verite – having raw moments.

3. Body paragraph 2

second, the use of the documentary convention interview shows the perspective of the nutritionist as an interviewee. the nutritionist and the 2 (doctors) other medical experts are interviewed as to how sugar has a big impact on our health and they provide statistics, opinions and facts to raise awareness that sugar is an addictive substance and is unhealthy and ”healthy foods” also contain sugar that we are unaware of, that we think is healthy and also that sugar is one of the many reasons for sick health. An example of when an interview was conducted was when he was talking to Dr John Sievenpiper who is a scientist defending sugar fructose. to sum up my second point, Damon used health experts to prove what he was aiming for.

4. Body paragraph 3

Third, the use of all the SWAT codes shows the perspective of all the subjects. the symbolic codes show the medical team and the experts as the authorities. The written code that sugar is often labelled as ‘ fructose’ or ‘natural’ on the packaging but its really isn’t natural and contains a lot of unhealthy substances such as sugars. The audio code ‘ just can’t get enough’ to me means that people are addicted to sugar and that people are using a lot of sugar and to me, it doesn’t mean anything, to them it doesn’t mean anything, they simply can’t get enough of it. the sound effects and the pop up of the fictional people in the documentary. lastly, the technical codes which are used in the documentary. the film uses high camera angle shots, medium shots and low camera shots to capture moments in the film. To sum up my third argument there are many SWAT codes that were used in the film. In the documentary, the industry didn’t get to represent themselves much and didn’t show their side to the risk of our health in the film. I think they didn’t showcase much of their view because they are potentially the reason as to why sugar consumption is high because they keep on producing the sugar to the public so that they can buy it, they want to make a profit of it.

5. Conclusion

In the final analysis, the point of view of Damon is that he raises a lot of questions about food labelling and marketing of healthy options for our diet. The documentary is convincing that sugar is a problem with our health because, within a few months, Damon is already at risk of many serious medical issues. Sugar is a big issue which is leading to lifelong illnesses such as obesity, tooth decays, diabetes even cancer and so many others. Thank you for listening

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1 introductionDid you know The average Australian intake of sugar
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