An Assessment of My Personal Nutrition Intake

Summary/Critique Nutrition

Through tracking my nutrition over the course of two weeks I have been able to notice certain trends and habits that effect my health. Three strengths of mine are that I usually come close to my daily calorie goal, carbohydrates and that I always make sure to never skip a meal. I only went over my calorie intake on days that I didn’t eat very healthy so I know that the amount of food I normally eat is a good amount for my weight, age, and sex.

My carbohydrate intake was also consistently very close to my goal intake so I know I don’t need to adopt new habits when it comes to that. Finally, I always make sure to eat all three meals of the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I know that if I ever miss a meal I will have to eat more at my next meal to keep my energy and health up.

Three improvements I can make are increased protein, less sugars, and a greater water intake. My documentation shows me that my protein levels are usually much lower than they are meant to be. I will make a conscious effort to eat more things like fish, beef, poultry, and beans that are high in protein to increase protein and better my health. This has also shown me that my sugar intake is much more than it should be and that I must focus on foods with low to zero added sugars in order to decrease this.

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Finally, the biggest problem I found was that I hardly ever reach half of the amount of water I am supposed to be consuming every day. I know now that I have to drink more water every day and plan to carry a bottle that shows me how much I need to finish throughout the day to stay healthy.


Through this process of tracking my nutrition I also tracked my exercise over the twoweek span and this is what I found. With my tight schedule of work, and then school, and then back to work, getting home at 8 every afternoon I found that I do not exercise much and often forget to exercise at all. I can greatly better my health and energy levels if I spent some time to focus on exercising. Three short term goals that I can make is to set aside 30 minutes before school for exercise and fitness, to take stairs instead of elevators, and to do a complete work out after work. Spending 30 minutes before class to exercise will wake me up and get my body ready and started for the day. Taking stairs instead of elevators is something small I can do and will force me to exercise throughout the day but will build over time. Finally, the app MyPlate from Livestrong gives a variety of good workouts that help you with guided videos and times that I will be able to use after work.

Three long term goals are to lose 5 pounds, increase muscle, and be able to finish a 5k. The average healthy weight for a woman my age and height is around 145 and I weigh 150 currently by continuing my short-term goals I will achieve this goal and remain at my healthy weight of 145 pounds. Last year when I played field hockey yearround I had plenty of muscle mass and didn’t have to worry about setting time aside for working out and running. Now that I don’t play anymore I will have to focus on what I need to do to stay healthy and to gain back the muscle mass that I lost this year. Finally, I have signed up for a five kilometer run in June so I will have two months to keep up with my running in order to prepare for this run and be able to finish it without stopping.

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