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If a person is of healthy body weight, the standard amount of protein that person should eat is .8 kg per kilogram of body weight. This is also after taking into consideration that this person is getting healthy amounts of their energy from carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients. (Nutrition for Health and Healthcare, Debryune, Pinna,2017)

An intake of the proper amount of protein from high-quality sources is necessary. It will help many things run properly in the body. Amongst these are helping the body move, self-renewal, help carry other substances to places they need to go in the body, help sustain the balance of fluid and minerals, help preserve the proportion of acid and bases within body fluids, they defend the body against disease, are hormones, if and when needed can be used for energy, also creates blood clots  (Nutrition for Health and Healthcare, Debryune, Pinna 2017) When protein intake is low it is more then likely overall food/ nourishment is low, this can result in Protein-energy malnutrition.

PAM has developed the term severe acute malmalnutritionen speaking of infants and children who are newly exposed to severe food restrictions.

(Nutrition for Health and Healthcare, Debryune, Pinna,2017) A larger amount of children currently suffer from chronic malnutrition. (Nutrition for Health and Healthcare, Debryune, Pinn,2017) This is a result of poor diet choices. Just as they are negative side effects for too little protein they are consequences for too much protein. One negative side effect is heart disease. Although there is not a definite correlation between protein intake and heart disease people who eat high quantities of protein are usually eating high quantities of bad-quality protein that are usually high in saturated fats.

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Also, people with chronic kidney disease should watch their intake of protein, low protein diets can reform their symptoms.

I feel the overall theme of the chapters we have read so far has been balanced. We are responsible for making sure that we are ver supplementing things our bodies need but making sure it’s the proper amount we need. So although there are a wide variety of vitamins advertised to us we need to be careful not to take too much of certain ones. Fat-Soluble vitamins do not have to be eaten every day due to the way our body can store them. But our intake of them is important because a lack of Vitamin A can cause.

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