When Fiennes-Tiffin reaches middle adulthood, he would experience having fewer family responsibilities therefore he will be able to easily go ahead and pursue his set hobbies or interests. He would also be realise his likeness in reaching the peak of his career and he may then experience disposable income ultimately gaining him more independence and choice. He would also begin to establish different social interactions as well as being able to go out travelling more.

However, changes to the pension system could result in Fiennes-Tiffin having to work longer or ensuring he takes on part-time work when he retires in order to become financially stable and being able to successfully care for himself.

He may experience a restriction to his independent lifestyle due to having to act as a carer for his grandchildren when he retires, as his own kids would be busy in developing their own career therefore would require his support due to becoming very busy and involved within their own lives.

Eriksons Intimacy Vs Isolation

This is the sixth stage in the psychological development. Fiennes-Tiffin would experience this during young adulthood between the ages of 19-40. He would experience major conflict centres on forming intimate and loving relationships with other people. Success within this stage would lead to him fulfilling relationships. However failure in doing this can result in the development of the feeling of loneliness as well as isolation. It is vital for him to develop committed and close relationships as it plays a significant role in this stage when Fiennes-Tiffin enters adulthood.

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Erikson emphasised that success within the development of such relationships can result in Fiennes-Tiffin experiencing a strong romantic relationship as well as continuing to maintain a close relationship with loved ones and friends, as the development of friendship is emphasised as being important too. However the failures of developing such relationships can be having a poor romantic relationship as well as experiencing no deep intimacy which can then result in the development of loneliness and isolation within himself. Experiencing such failures can be difficult for Fiennes-Tiffin as he may watch his friends fall in love, get married as well as forming families whilst he is experiencing loneliness.

Eriksons Generavity Vs Stagnation

This is the seventh stage of the psychological development. Fiennes-Tiffin would experience this between the ages of 40-65. He would begin to strive or nurture by parenting children or even making positive changes that will help benefit other people. Contributing to society and considering to benefit future generations is very important during this stage. The characteristics of stagnation that he may develop can include becoming self-centred as well as failing to get involved with others. Major life events that would contribute within this stage include marriage and child-rearing which can occur at any point during adulthood/middle adulthood.

He may use this crisis in order to make adjustments to his life that would likely lead to greater fulfillments within the future. If Fiennes-Tiffin feels as if making mistakes has resulted in a waste of time and leaving no room in making changes then he can be left feeling and becoming bitter. If he has a positive relationship with others around him including with friends as well as having a sense of control over his life then he will ultimately feel very productive as well as satisfied. However if he comes to suffer from poor health and relationships, he will come to realise that he has no control over his fate and is therefore likely to experience feelings of stagnation.

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