Teens Who Mature Earlier or Later Than Their Peers

Young men who mature early are more confident than late maturing boys. Early maturing boys are more successful in having peer relations compared to their counterparts. Although the early maturing boys are more confident the late-maturing males develop a strong sense of themselves, as they get older because they spent more time exploring life’s options. Young women who mature early are unfortunately more vulnerable. According to researchers early maturing girls are more likely to participate in delinquent behavior more than late maturing girls.

Early maturing girls risk having problems like smoking, drinking, eating disorders and becoming depressed. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that concerns an individual on an endless pursuit towards thinness through starvation.

The four characteristics that apply to people suffering from this disorder are: weight less than 85% of what is considered to be normal for their age and height, an extreme fear of gaining weight, a distorted image of their body shape, and amenorrhea . Biology and culture also play important factors in anorexia nervosa.

A person gene can add risk in predetermining this disorder as well as the physical effects of dieting changing neural networks and endure disordered pattern. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder that causes an individual to consistently binge eat and purge. Purging includes self-inducing vomiting or taking laxatives. People suffering from bulimia have strong fear of becoming overweight, are anxious, or depressed. They also have a distorted image of their body and have difficulty controlling their emotions . Adolescent egocentrism is an occurrence that happens in adolescents when they cannot differentiate between people’s perceptions of them with their own.

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David Elkind argues that adolescent egocentrism is supported the adolescents imaginary audience and personal fable. Imaginary audience is the teenagers belief that others are as interested in them as they are in themselves. For example of a person with blemishes is walking in a room full of people they assume the crowded room is staring at his or her blemishes. A personal fable involves an adolescent’s sense of rareness and invisibility. Teenagers believe that they are so unique that what ever they are going through is and will only happen to them and no one can even fathom how they feel. The sense of invincibility a teenager feels can be exemplified by an adolescent texting and driving sincerely believing that they wont get penalized for it. 4. James Marcia believes that Eriksons theory of identity development involves four statuses of identity: identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium, and identity achievement.

The status of a person’s identity depends on the presence or absence of crisis and commitment to the identity. Identity diffusion is when an individual has not yet experienced crisis or made commitments. These individuals are indecisive and show little interest in serious matters. An example of this can be a teenage boy asked what career path he would like to peruse and realizes that he hasn’t given much thought to that idea, but nonetheless he figures it will be a future problem and will not worry about it now. Identity foreclosure is when a teenager has made a commitment to which they are but have not yet explored different options. An example can be a teenager who is devoted to one religion their whole life but when they finally leave home and meet diverse people they reevaluate their beliefs. Identity moratorium is the status of a teenager when they are in the midst of a crisis but the commitments are not well defined.

In other words the adolescent is going through an active identity crisis. They are exploring new things without the worries of a crisis. For example a teenager is not yet pressured to think about a college to go to in the future but is looking for the curiosity. Identity achievement is the status of an adolescent who is in crisis but hasn’t made commitment. Using a similar example as the previous, a young person is at the point at which they have to pick a college to go to but hasn’t picked one despite the deadline of acceptance. 5. The phrase a rite of passage means a ritual that symbols a person transition from one status to another. These ceremonies usually focus on the transition to adulthood. The common rite of passage I went through was graduation. Many people have gone through the robes, welcome speeches into adulthood, and the sense of relief that it’s over, but not really.

Another example was when I started applying for jobs I had to create a well-written resume, buy a nice business suit and go on my interview.  Epidemiological studies identify variables that can be associated with the psychological profile of suicidal adolescents. Suicidal teens are often depressed although not all depressed teenagers are suicidal; depression is a major factor that contributes to this problem. Hopelessness is also a predictor of a suicide attempt. Unstable adolescents may experience family conflict, maltreatment, or bullying. There is no research that claims single Americans are obsessed with sex. There is a study by Lefkowtiz and Gillen (2006) that young people emerging into adulthood are sexually active. In adulthood casual sex and “hooking up” is common in young adults. An emerging relationship amongst young adult is friends with benefits in which two friends remain friends but also have occasional intercourse with the responsibilities of a real relationship.

There is no research that can support the sexual orientation of a person is biological determinate. Young adulthood is a time where an individual develops and some can my health improving and some can be health impairing. The age between 19 and 26 years old is when an individual is in peak physical performance. Early adulthood is not only the time where we reach peak physical shape we also begin the decline of physical performance. Strength and muscle tome declines around age 30 and late twenties is when the body’s fatty tissue increases. Emerging adults are very healthy they have fewer health problems, but this makes young adults forget that they still need to take care of themselves. Bad health habits in early adulthood affect their health later in life. Friendship plays an important role in the development of a person.

It’s the relationship between two friends who are comfortable with each other. According to Santrock women have more close friends then men do. Female friendships are more sympathetic and have mutual support . Romantic love is built from sexual attraction and fixation. Romantic love is usually prevails during the beginning stages of a relationship. Affectionate love is the type of love when there is desire for one another. It’s much deeper then romantic love it has more sustenance.  A person going through a divorce commonly goes through physical and mental disparities. They experience depression, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, and diminished self-esteem. There are genders differences in the outcomes of divorce such as women are more likely to perceive there is something with their marriage and seek divorce. Women are more likely to adjust better after the divorce but men are less economically impacted.  John Gottman question many couples as well as monitored their physiology such as their heart rate and blood pressure to get a better insight of how to attain a god marriage

He established 5 principles: establishing love maps, nurturing fondness and admiration, turning toward each other instead of away, letting your partner influence you and creating shared meaning. Establishing love maps means knowing your partner like the back of your hand. They aren’t strangers to you and you are will to share feelings with each other without any reluctance. Nurturing fondness and admiration is when partners give each other credit to enforce positivity. Turning toward each other instead of away is very important because your supposed to see your partner as your friend as well. Friendship with your partner doesn’t mean that there will not be any arguments but it will prevent the arguments from being overwhelming. Letting your partner influence you involves a marriage where you share the same power as your spouse. Often men overpower women by taking over the finances. The willingness to share responsibilities and power will strengthen the love and respect. Creating shared meaning is when partners can speak truthfully and respectfully. This includes sharing goals with your spouse and helping each other to achieve said goals.

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