You Need to Use All the Time So as Not to Regret Later

Honestly, I do not very appreciate the prompt, because it is so clique that we seem to have grown up listening to this kind of talk. What’s more, this prompt put a quite heavy pressure on me: Like if I do not also come up with a top gun or something very ambitious is would not be qualified. In fact, I am kind of a chill person, so what should we chill people do when meet such requirements. In this regard, I write down this sentence to myself: Live in The Moment and Do the Best of Your Own.

The reason I really this statement is that in our life journey, we will meet so many obstacles and difficulties. For example, recently all the finals are coming up for we students, and there are also many assignments, papers, and projects due these weeks, everybody feels exhausted. We may not be able to work out all of them very well. At this point, it may bring a lot frustration and upset.

But we need to remember life is still going on, we are still alive. As long as you do the best of your own, it is enough.

Recently, I read a masterpiece ‘beyond yourself, shape your, affirm yourself” from a famous Chinese American writer Liu Yong. In the whole book, this well-meaning father pays careful attention to his son, observing by eyes, remembering by heart, and writing down comments and sincere advices in a letter, so that his child can accept the way of close communication with him.

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Hence, his son grows up healthily and happily in a variety of complicated environments in New York, constantly learning knowledge, gaining truths of being a human being, and is finally admitted to the university that many people dream of — Harvard!

After reading this book, I think what I gain the most is, I fully realize that it is better for us to live in the moment and do the best of your own!

Usually, we cannot help but hear others complain about the live of all kinds of dissatisfaction, all kinds of unfair, and all kinds of critiques, “God does not care about their ambition and dreams.” We can often hear other people’s all sorts of regret, regret the past, regret did not work hard before, regret did not seize a rare opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime to develop themselves, promote themselves, and improve themselves, and resulting in such a helpless situation right now. We always hear others’ all kinds of expectations for the future, looking forward to the future of their own is how good, looking forward to their own success, looking forward to their own life…

In fact, it is not difficult to find out that many people will come up with a word – if, once they encounter this kind of situation. “If so, I will be…”

However, we all know how unrealistic it is. It is just an imaginary hypothetical conjunction, there is no practical significance. If it is only the self-sigh of the loser, the self-mockery of the mourner, and the masturbation of the future, it can only let the loser find the reflection of success, let the mourner look for the clouds of the past, and let the future look forward to the light of the future. However, all this, how to escape the knife of time? The knife of time will let the reflection broken as hemp, let the clouds vanish, let the light suddenly pale…

So, why don’t we live in the moment, be a down-to-earth, hardworking person, and do the ‘most successful’ for our own? As Mr. Liu taught his son in his book, neither the past nor the future can be controlled by you, only the present can be controlled by yourself. So why not be the best version of yourself now?

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is a gift! Perhaps, your past life is full of joy and applause, may also be full of loss and helpless, but, all the success and glory, all the failure and misfortune, have become history. Don’t linger on the scene full of praise and praise, don’t worry about the sad and sad spread of the curtain, what we should do, is to learn from the experience of the past, brave to live in the moement, and strive to do our best. Your future may be full of sunshine and flowers, it may be full of thorns and dangers, but all the hopes and expectations, all the tests and fears, are just a kind of unknown. Don’t be intoxicated with the dawn and warmth of the future, don’t worry about the difficulties and obstacles in the future, what we should do, is to plan the direction of the future, firmly live in the moment diligently do the best of your own.

Live in the moment; don’t go with the flow; be not affected by the environment; have your own thoughts; own ideas; have your own plan, put continuous efforts; keep learning; keep moving forward; Only in this way, you can improve and make progress on your live, study, and many other aspects, realizing the statement that “beyond yourself, shape yourself, and affirm yourself”, and do the best of your own at every moment of your life

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