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In an individual’s lifetime one will be faced with many
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In an individual's lifetime, one will be faced with many insignificant decisions, in which the path to finding the answer is effortless and clear. Most of the time, these small decisions are motivated simply by the need to act independently. However, when a situation appears where a decision will surely impact one’s life forever, an individual is forced to consider more than their desire to act independently. When faced with a life changing decision, an individual may find conflict between…...
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Expression of Regret in Tears Edward Thomas
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How does Edward Thomas present regret in Tears? BY Lealer How does Thomas present regret in “Tears”? Written In January early 191 5, Thomas was housebound due a badly sprained ankle and used the time to contemplate his future prospects. Regret Is a prominent feature throughout “Tears” as the emotion was stimulated by his perceived failings In life: he was conscious he was yet to enlist to fight for his beloved country even though many of fellow “countrymen” had recently…...
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A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find
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A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find peace. By nature, humans crave happiness but, losing this happiness would lead the affected individual into a state of despair and regret which might lead them into seeking revenge. Losing my grandfather’s memento was the thing I regretted most, seeing it burn right in front of my eyes filled me with anger and triggered my thirst for revenge, for what was taken from me was the only memento…...
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Statements such as I’ll try my best not to regret it and
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Statements such as “I’ll try my best not to regret it," and “I’ll spend my time wisely so as not to have any regrets” are stale remarks that we often hear. Some think that they can obtain a great deal of satisfaction by living a life with no regrets. As they strive for such a life, however, they tend to reach for a pipe dream, and eventually end up making an irreversible mistake thereby living a dissatisfactory life filled with…...
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A Synopsis of the Documentary Regret to Inform
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“Our deaths are not ours they are yours; they will mean what you make them. ”—Regret to Inform “The terrible price of that nobility is one that nobody should have to pay”—Barbara Sonneborn In 1968, the director Barbara Sonneborn was informed that her husband, Jeff Gurvitz, had been killed in a mortar attack in Vietnam. The words “We regret to inform you” appeared on the telegram, and the message arrived on her 24th birthday. Sonneborn is the director, writer, and…...
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A person who fell prey to revenge and regret can never find
...The lust for revenge gives birth to even greater misery and that’s why I decided to let go of my bitterness and hatred towards my cousin. It’s true that I can never forgive him for what he did but at least, I chose to free myself from my lust for r...
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