It's Time to Grow Up

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Dear David,

I know that you are going through a tough time; the transition to becoming a responsible adult is scary. Remaining silent and putting on a smile is not the solution to becoming a more confident person, or changing what you are going through; sometimes, all we need is a little help.

DO not feel unworthy just because you lack a few skills. Staying at your parents’ house forever, feeling lonely, and just watching time slip away is not a way to live!

I’m your brother-in-law and will help you get through this, as well as assist you with beginning a new chapter.

Therefore, I encourage you to rethink your future and take responsibility for your life, so you won’t regret it when it’s too late. Furthermore, you must take into consideration that:

Our days on this earth are numbered; as days pass by, you get older, and the older you get, the harder it is to integrate into society and learn skills.

Furthermore, people will expect you to have gained experience. You’re already an adult, nothing you do can change that, so contemplating about when to take responsibility for yourself is way past due.

Although you are numb to these thoughts right now, you can’t ignore life forever; it will catch up with you eventually, And then what?

I’ll spell it out for you: you will spend the rest of your days lonely, full of emptiness, and regret, counting down the minutes of your life at a miserable underpaid job.

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All for what? Wasting precious time on nonsense. Don’t forget that you cannot roll your clock back.

Why choose to inflict this pain on yourself? You are still young and have your whole life ahead of you. You no longer have the privilege of wasting your time.

Secondly, I want you to envision yourself five years from now: You have a comfortable job, live in an apartment, and have friends that appreciate you. Furthermore, imagine having a girlfriend who cares for you. You feel accomplished from all you have achieved and are in a happy place.

You might be telling yourself that this seems like a fairy tale, right? So, I’ll put this into perspective: Your experiences today do not reflect what you will experience in the future.

I know, firsthand, that it is not easy, and I understand that your fears are what’s holding you back from taking this leap. But reflect on yourself for a moment, you have been out of college for more than two years now. You don’t need to wait for two more before acting; for this reason, you must make your decision right now!

Lastly, you must begin to rely on your abilities, since your parents won’t be there forever to ease your fall. If it already seems too much for you to handle, be aware that you only need to develop a few skills, and they are within your reach, which include: social skills, action-taking, and faith in yourself that you bear the power to shape your destiny.

Most importantly, you must be ready to face reality and start thinking like an adult, be brave, dedicate the necessary effort, and relieve yourself from this anxiety once and for all!

Now, I completely understand that you feel scared; nonetheless, bear in mind that most people feel afraid at new beginnings. However, taking the first step into the unknown, by believing only in yourself is how you will increase your self-confidence.

Perhaps, while you become more responsible and independent, you may encounter challenges, therefor be mindful that you are capable of coping with them. Just remain positive and never look for reasons to give up. And if you do begin to doubt yourself, keep in mind that it will pass sooner than you expect.

Look, until this point, I have shown you what you must do to better your life.

If, however, you still lack the initiative, let me give you a reality check:

You are throwing away this precious opportunity of building a beautiful life! It’s time to grow up before you no longer can. So, I’ve got one favor to ask of you, put your trust in me, and follow my guidance. I’m on the same journey as you and understand how challenging it is to take the first leap of faith. However, if you choose to ignore the help I’m extending to you when life catches up to you, this moment will be your biggest regret!

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