Where Did Alicia Keys Grow Up

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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Where Did Alicia Keys Grow Up. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed. and had millions of fans around the entire world. She would write her own music but was also very private about her personal life. She had a lot of songs about relationships but most of the time they were never personal. She caught the young urban attention because a lot of her music was very touching and related to many people who were going through the same things When she first came out she was a girl artist that had little support and had some to prove given where she grew up.

Although she had some struggles growing up, she never let that stop her from getting where she wanted to be.

As a way to get off the streets she would dedicate all er time to practice the piano and singing.

Her music had a huge impact on the music industry because of where she came from. It also had a blissfulness that overshadowed where she came from. Her music showed the world what else there is to offer and she did Just that. Many artists came out after her in the same kinds of categories and are famous today. No one could ever come aligned to Alicia, but her music was what made other artist comfortable with coming out and showing what they have to offer.

American cultures quickly shifted after she came out and were very dedicated and interested in what she would come out with next.

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She had illions of fans that would line up and wait for her in tears literally, Just so she can perform. Her music was moving and heart rending and would give her fans chills whenever she would walk out on the stage. Alicia also had an impact on American culture because she would go out of her way to always do something with herself. She would try out for acting positions and would quickly get those roles and be a stunning actress.

By her doing that , it Just showed that people could be multi talented and to never stop what they wanted to In life. The impact she had on me personal is very huge. When I was growing up I always loved her music and verything she set out forth. I myself am very dedicated to music and I love to play the piano and learn and play all types of music. I remember when I was a little girl I would sneak out of classes and go to the music room where there was a piano and just play all of her music. For me, it was a way to get away from everything I was going through. Her music was deep and had meaning to every single word in the lyrics.

To me, that was all I needed. I would do research on her and see what she would be doing and her interests and we were Just interested in the same kinds of things. She was and always will be my biggest idols. When I was younger, I always longed to go to her concert and sit in the audience and Just feel her music in me. By freshman year, I finally got tickets to see her and it was the most amazing experience ever. It meant so much to me that I was actually in tears while she was singing live and it felt so perfect. A few years later, my senior year, I went to go see her again.

And this time it was an even better feeling. Her drive and determination to help anyone in her path is what touches me and makes me want to do the same things for my community and everyone around me. When Alicia was in her twenties, she had taken a trip to Africa. This trip changed her life because it showed her the way other people lived and what they had to go through. When she got there she realized that people really do have hard lives and that her music and her voice could quickly make people have faith and believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

After talking to people who lived in the village that she visited, she realized that she needed to do foundation called Keep A Child Alive. This foundation accepts donations and anything that can help support and provide for these people in numerous countries to help them prosper and grow from the hard conditions that they all live in. Once she created this foundation I heard about it and I was old enough to talk to my mom and tell her I wanted to donate to it or do research to try and help.

This was moving to me because it showed me that there still is a whole other world than Just in America and that not everyone has it as good as we do. Just knowing that Alicia would do anything to try and help others made me feel like I can do the same thing. This led me to volunteer and help people and show that I am committed to my community and would do anything to help. I would help at local food drives, food banks, and homeless shelters and even after school programs. Alicia Keys has always been a huge factor in my life and shaped me to who I am today.

She opened my eyes and showed me that there is way more out there in life than Just what is right in front of our faces. Two of my favorite songs by Alicia Keys are Tell you Something and Brand New Me. The song Tell You Something is a song about living everyday like it is your last and to cherish the time you have with the people around you who you love. The song is personal to her because she wrote this about her grandmother. She wrote this because she felt that it is important to get everything off your chest when it’s ecessary.

She thought it was a bad idea to ever wait, so instead she says brings up the question “What if there was no tomorrow? ” She preaches that its important to love and cherish everything that you have. Some themes that stand out in this song are Relationships and lifestyles. If you live your life everyday like it is your last and cherish everyone who is in it, you have nothing to regret in the future. In her eyes, relationships are key but everyone has to do their part to maintain them. This song was written with a sad kind of melody in the background. It was mellow and had a atchy tune to it to show emotion and importance in it.

The song Brand New Me is also personal to her because she starts to talk about her growth and how she has grown over the years. She talks about her opening her eyes and realizing that there is more to life. This song has many themes in it as well. It can relate to relationships, lifestyles, and social issues. A lot of people can connect to this song because it talks about self growth and how people change and can change for the better. She even states in the song that people shouldn’t be surprised that she is changing and that she is a better person than she ever was before.

The beginning of this song starts of slow, but changes to a happier tone to express her happiness on how she has grown and who she has become. All in all, Alicia keys impacted the entire world of music and shaped the music industry to what it has become today. She opened doors to a new type of sound and type of music that had slowly been forgotten. Not only was Alicia a huge factor I the shift in music, but she also did everything she could to change the world and the people in it. Although she is now 32, she still continues to make music and puts a lot of emotion into her lyrics to open people’s eyes.

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Where Did Alicia Keys Grow Up
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