Obesity has seemed to grow and become way

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It has become so common it is said that it can be considered a ‘Modern day epidemic!’ It’s both sad and insane! 15.6 percent of twelve to nineteen-year-olds were listed as obese in 2002, which is a considerable incline! It was only 6.1 percent 28 years ago! That’s a 9.5 percent incline in such little time! It’s even said that those obese kids were more likely inclined to be involved in violent crimes.

44.4 in every thousand people ranging from the ages of twelve to fifteen were more likely to be involved with a violent crime and drug use in 2002.

It’s been lowered compared to 1974, where it was 77.5 every thousand. That’s a 33.1 percent decline, which is good. Those who are obese also may suffer from asthma, sleep apnea, bone, and joint problems, type 2 diabetes, and risk factors for heart disease. What’re the benefits of exercising? How long should your child exercise? And how do kids begin exercising? Well, all your questions will be answered shortly!

As I have pointed out in the paragraph above, obesity is no joke! Your child will be much better off if he/she just exercise.

What kind of exercises should they do? Well, they don’t need the fancy equipment or a gym, they simply have to play. Play? Yes, play! Playing with other children does not only help with social status but can help your child stay fit! Want to go a little bit further?

Maybe try out a sport like soccer, basketball, football, etc.

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How long should your child exercise or play? They should exercise or play for at least sixty minutes a day. What are the benefits of keeping away obesity? It makes your child’s bones and muscles strong, along with leaner bodies, a lower risk of getting type two diabetes, helps lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels, helps with mood, and self-esteem! There are plenty of others; however, if I named them all, we’d be here all day! How can you help/encourage your child? ‘Help your kids do in a variety of age-appropriate activities. Set a regular schedule for physical activity.

Make being active a part of daily life, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Embrace a healthier lifestyle yourself, so you’ll be a positive role model for your family. Be active together as a family. And keep it fun, so your kids will come back for more.’ How can you prevent a sedentary life in children? Well, the typical child stays connected to some sort of screen (A phone, tablet, computer, etc.) for hours a day. Time of which they could be using proactively. So, to combat this limit your kid’s online and screen time, keep TVs, computers, and video games out of children’s bedrooms, and turn off screens during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Obesity has seemed to grow and become way
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