Today’s World Has Become a Global Village

Nowadays, we may say that the world has become a global village. This is not only because of the communication facilities but also because of the new advanced transport methods. Now people can travel across villages, towns, islands, countries, continents or even in space. Transportation has greatly improved. On earth people can move across oceans by air or by the sea. Transportation not only involves people but also goods. Now, it can be said that maritime transport plays a key role in the global supply change.

Many items like foodstuffs or clothes are traded by sea. In this way, there is less disturbance in the lives of people and the supplies can reach their destination successfully. This type of trade has also allowed the formation of nations, that is countries which will be responsible for exchanging large amounts of goods. As all countries which are near the sea, Mauritius also has the potential of becoming a maritime nation and it already have certain opportunities available but however certain challenges will obviously be there.

Mauritius can be a perfect maritime nation due to its strategic position. Situated in the center of the Indian Ocean or say between the European countries Mauritius may best serve as a maritime nation. In fact, we may say that history may repeat itself as long ago we have seen that many sailors used Mauritius as their base to rest and store their goods. Therefore, at present too, Mauritius may be used for exchange of goods between different countries.

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We may enlarge our harbor and allow more and more ships to come. On top of that, our island is surrounded by the sea and thus, accommodating ships will not be difficult. Therefore, as seen Mauritius can be a very effective maritime nation. Trade could take place via this tiny island. It is a good intermediary between those rich European countries and the Eastern countries. Thus as seen, Mauritius has already the boon to become the center of trade. It has a proper climate as well as location. Now it’s up to the government to make the required efforts.

Additionally, it can be said that our multicultural society may also be beneficial in our trade too. This is because as Mauritians are able to talk in different languages, they can easily communicate with people from different corners of the Earth. Also, Mauritius already carries trade with different countries, and thus enlarging the scale won’t be a great problem for us. We already have the skills, expertise and experience to work with large cranes, ships and packs of commodities.

In Mauritius, there are many experts in the field of trading as well as some in loading ships. Also, the harbor here has got all the required sophisticated and advanced equipment to ensure that the unloading processes go on smoothly. We may even get help from our trading partners such as India or Singapore. In fact, India is already helping Mauritius especially in the national coast guard, where experts from India are coming to share their skills. This further encourages the idea of becoming a maritime nation as Mauritius has got the required security system to allow trading activities to be carried out in an organized and legal manner

However, there are still many challenges that we have to overcome before becoming a maritime nation. The first step to become a Maritime nation is to have a large harbor. Mauritius already have one but its not big enough. Mauritius is a very small island, as many can say a mostly invisible dot on our world map. It does not have the required of funds to invest, at least for nowwe can say. This is because as we know Mauritius is currently working on the “Metro Express” project and this is already costing loads of funds. In fact, Mauritius would not have been able to do this without the help of India which lent money to us.

The economy first needs to well manage its resources and obtain sufficient amounts of money to be able to fund this large activity. Furthermore, this country not only faces this problem of finance but we can also say that the area of land available here is limited. Therefore, we will not be able to well expand the development of our harbor. Furthermore, as we know, Port-Louis, where our harbor is currently situated is already very small and to implement this large project there is very difficult. We may consider establishing a harbor in another place but that would cost a too much and would require Mauritians to evacuate those places. In this attempt many people may lose their houses or it may also happen that we could have used these lands in more efficient ways such as, for building hotels: Mauritius is a famous tourist destination, for agricultural purposes, or even to build hospitals or schools. Thus, enlarging the Mauritian harbor will pose great problems.

Mauritius best serves as a wonderful and amazing tourist destination. Many foreigners grave to reside in this paradise. It has been seen that if we extend our harbor, it may happen that our marine life will get greatly affected and these greatly affect tourists. Tourists specially come to Mauritius for our flora and fauna and this includes those aquatic animals and the coral reef as well. If this system gets destroyed, the tourist sector in Mauritius will deteriorate which might not be appropriate for our economy.

Furthermore, as well as endangering those creatures’ lives through construction activities, we can also say that as we start to welcome more and more ships there will be more and more water pollution: oil might be split in the seawater. Also, construction activities mean that there will probably be air pollution. Large amounts of smoke released in the air will not only risk the lives of birds or bats but also the lives of us, human beings. Also, we might have noise pollution too which greatly disturb people and especially in in the Capital: Port-Louis. Hence, as observed it can be said that in our attempt to become a maritime nation, we may endanger the whole biodiversity around us.

Thus, as observed We can say that this rainbow island has got to make much efforts if it wants to become a great maritime destination. We already have certain chances which favor us as well the knowledge and skills, but what we lack is a span of land to implement this large goal. It is always available to carry on with this project as most developing nations tend to move from the manufacturing to the tertiary sector in order to become a developed country.

This will help the economy of Mauritius to grow in the long run. However, for this it is important that we do not neglect what we are best at doing: attracting tourist. We must not let the potential future revenue sources to destroy our current source of income. Thus, it can be said that Mauritius is already well progressing in its other fields like communications and technology and it won’t be that much beneficial to develop more our maritime sector.

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