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Technology and Human Vulnerability
Words • 445
Pages • 2
In today’s world, technology is everywhere we look. Whether it be in our own home, the workplace, or out in public places, a common fear among many is wondering if these robotics can become self aware. Is it possible that they can potentially take over? In the article Beware the Robots, Says Hawking written by Paul Rodgers, after Elon Musk announced last year that artificial intelligence may be a concern, Stephen Hawking advanced people’s concerns by stating that it may…...
Stephen Hawking
Cloning People With Brilliant Minds
Words • 1053
Pages • 5
Cloning has been a subject of fascination for scientists and researchers for decades, starting with the fruition of the term in 1938 when Hans Spemann proposed an experiment involving the replacement of one nucleus with another. Since then, the term cloning has come to represent making an exact replica of an organism by using a cell from one organism and implanting into another with the purpose of growth and birth of a replicate or clone. The long history of cloning…...
BiotechnologyCloningStephen Hawking
Reflections on AI Theory in Architecture
Words • 881
Pages • 4
“Does artificial intelligence needs human-centered design”? Can AI potentially replace architects in the future or can AI even potentially make design decisions as effective if not better than a human would be capable of? As architects living in 2018 our profession is mostly digital, online, and reliant on technological advances of machines to get our work done. If you think about it we are right at a transition point between being completely reliant on technology to produce our work that…...
Artificial IntelligenceStephen HawkingTechnology
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Action in the Universe Causes a Reaction
Words • 439
Pages • 2
God is the Creation of our universe, lives and all matter started from Him. There are many similar patterns that can be explained about live birth in the Bible. At the same time, questions and proof of Creation can be found through the study of live birth. Every living matter exists until nowadays through reproduction, new life is created through reproduction, without it, our humanity will become extinct. Now, looking back at the beginning of the universe, we ask ourselves,…...
LifeStephen HawkingUniverse
Stephen Hawking and Artificial Intelligence
Words • 617
Pages • 3
Artificial Intelligence (AI), in recent years, has become a growing topic with the rise of AlphaGo program, self-driving cars, etc.; thus, among AI enthusiasts, there is a significant debate whether the integration of AI into our society would be a good idea. Let’s take a look at both sides of the table. One of the prominent AI cynics, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking has once voiced his opinions towards AI in one of his talks. He deeply concerned that in…...
Artificial IntelligenceScienceStephen Hawking
How Far Do You Agree With This Statement
Words • 727
Pages • 3
I do not agree with this statement very far, as there are many cases in which an abortion should be allowed to happen. But, from a Roman Catholic viewpoint, this statement is totally true. Some women may consider abortion because a baby is a part of the woman until it is actually born. Having it aborted, is just like having a tumour removed. The baby is growing off the woman and therefore, it is not capable of thinking or living.…...
AbortionDisabilityPhysicsStephen Hawking
Physics is my interest
Words • 433
Pages • 2
The following sample essay on "Physics is my interest": why is our world like this? How did it come into existence? How does everything manage to work together in sync to shape our universe? For the longest time, the physics behind the universe has peaked my interest. Technology and other advancements have continued to achieve the impossible, defying many laws through mathematics. New discoveries and theories then arise with their complexities that have yet to be solved which leads to…...
PhysicsStephen HawkingTime
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How Far Do You Agree With This Statement
...I do not think society as a whole does enough to support pregnant women in situations like these. This is mainly because there are so many debates going on about this issue that not enough people are willing to commit themselves to either helping one...
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