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Famous American Photographer
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Ansel Adams was a very well-known American photographer. The title of his artwork that I chose to critique is called “Mount Williamson: Clearing Storm.” This medium is a photograph that was taken in the year 1944. “This piece of art is a black and white photograph of an American Landscape, specifically in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.” This photo is a beautiful image illustrating the passing of a storm. In viewing this image one would notice the natural elements of…...
Ansel AdamsPhotography
Wonders of the 18th Century
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Pages • 2
When the light used to fall on the silver salt powder in the 18th century, it produced wonders and hysteria among the people as if something out of a fairy-tale had appeared in front of them. The blurriness, the texture, the shaded edges, and everything that made a photographer's aesthetic would and will impact our hearts. Photography was considered to be a craft in its earlier ages. A photographer was seen as someone similar to a carpenter or a sculptor…...
Ansel Adams
Disobedience in Art
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Pages • 3
The word photography is made up of two Greek words which are ‘photo’ and ‘graphic’. ‘Photo’ has a meaning of light and ‘graphic’ has a meaning of drawing. And photography means the art of taking pictures/photographs. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who is a French inventor was first given credit for creating the first photograph in 1825. Louis Daguerre and Alfred Stieglitz are known as the fathers of Photography. Louis Daguerre is famous for the invention of the daguerreotype process of photography.…...
Ansel AdamsPhotography
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Ansel Adams – The Art Story
Words • 946
Pages • 4
ABSTRACT Ansel Adams' last legacy includes helping to raise photography to art like painting and music equally expressing emotion and beauty. Ansel Adams helped influenced California by making photography a better thing. Because of his pictures, photography became more interesting. Adams printed many negatives so he could satisfy the demand for his beloved works. This report will be discussed the theoretically excellent report that evidences a strong knowledge of the history of photography and it may have a positive argument…...
Ansel AdamsPhotography
Ensel Adams: American West Photographer
Words • 544
Pages • 3
Ensel Easton Adams (20 February 1902 – 22 April 1984) was an American photographer, most famous for its black-and-white shots of the American West. Adams was also the author of several books, including the trilogy The Camera, The Negative, The Print, and one of the founders of the f/64 group of photographers. In addition, Adams, along with Fred Archer, created a zone system, which allows photographers to improve the quality control of the finished negative. College students writing their research…...
Ansel AdamsPhotography
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