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17th & 18th Century Poetry – Background Notes
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1603 death of Queen Elizabeth I 1660 - 1702 Restoration Period Charles I and James I protestant, antagonize, create religious controversy, clash with parliament, both believed in the divine right of kings, Which was worse, James I or Charles I ? Charles James I 1603 - 1625 Charles I 1625- 1642 the roundheads against the king cavaliers supporters of the king oliver cromwell leader of the commonwealth; puritan; encouraged freedom of religion. first time women were on stage 1600 -…...
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Mock Epic: from TheRape of the Lock
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Exulting rejoicing Repast meal Desist stop Recesses secluded or hidden places Titillating exciting; stimulating Dejects casts down; dispirits Nymphs young ladies Snuff powdered tobacco product sniffed or rubbed on the teeth and gums Omber card game for three players, popular in the eighteenth century Berries coffee beans While The Rape of the Lock was intended to mock the pretentious behavior of the English upper class, Pope accomplished his intention by adopting a humorous tone in the poem. In a short…...
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