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The Kettle Dome Was an Oil Field
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Amelia Earhart The Teapot Dome was an enormous political outrage in the 1920's. The Teapot Dome was an oil field that had a place with the U.S. Naval force and everybody needed to utilize it.Two organizations that were allowed to utilize it had not put in up considerable offer to utilize the fields. In this manner the Senate began an examination. It ended up being Albert B. Fall, Harding's secretary of interior, who took rewards from the two organizations in…...
Amelia EarhartUnited States
Women Should Be Empowered For a Better Tomorrow 
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In today’s era, in most of the developed countries like the united states women are independent and have the freedom to do whatever they want. But that’s not the case with all the parts of the world. Even in the 21st century, in the underdeveloped and developed countries like India, china etc women are still not independent and there are many restraints or social evils pulling them back from working and doing the things they like. For instance, if a…...
Amelia EarhartWomen
Adopted Declaration Of Independence
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Around America, the first week in July is usually for fireworks, fun, and family time. This is because many years ago the Declaration of Independence was approved. There are also many other things to be celebrated such as the Battle of Gettysburg ending. Just a year short of a century later a famous actor named Tom Cruise was born. However, there are many bad things that have happened on the same date. The President James Garfiend was shot. A woman…...
Amelia EarhartDeclaration Of Independence
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“Triumph and Tragedy” Disaster
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This years NHD theme is “Triumph and Tragedy”. Tragedy, meaning a disaster or mishap, and triumph meaning a great victory or achievement. I chose to do Amelia Earhart this year because she wasn’t just known for being one of the first woman to fly an airplane, but because she also gave encouragement to young women to follow their dreams. Amelia Earhart is one of the most influential idols in the 20th century. She was a pioneering female, supported women's right,…...
Amelia EarhartDisasterWomen
Search For The Necessary Financial Resources
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For many women and minorities, simply gaining access to airplanes and flying lessons posed particular challenges. Along with practical problems of finding the necessary financial resources, these marginalized groups faced the barrier of social assumptions that ruled it inappropriate for them to fly. Female pilots and minorities who faced skepticism and ridicule pioneered their own way in the field of aviation despite any failure that was used to prove they were physically and emotionally unfit for flying that nearly kept…...
Amelia EarhartResourcesWomen
The Hero
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The following sample essay on: "The Hero". From a child point of view, a hero is a person, typically a man, who is admired for his courage or outstanding achievements. In mythology and folklore, a hero is a person of super human qualities who rids the world of all evil. In my opinion, a hero of the twenty-first century is someone like Mahatma Ghandi or Martin Luther Ling. Jr. These heroes can also be women, such as Mother Tresa or Amelia…...
Amelia EarhartCultureHeroMahatma GandhiPeacePersonality
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