Action in the Universe Causes a Reaction

God is the Creation of our universe, lives and all matter started from Him. There are many similar patterns that can be explained about live birth in the Bible. At the same time, questions and proof of Creation can be found through the study of live birth. Every living matter exists until nowadays through reproduction, new life is created through reproduction, without it, our humanity will become extinct. Now, looking back at the beginning of the universe, we ask ourselves, when was the first time living matter appear on Earth? And what created it? I mean based on The Big Bang Theory, it basically says that there was a gigantic explosion and suddenly life spawned from a small singularity then expand the next 13.

8 billion years the world we know nowadays (Howell).

You can’t get something from anything. The famous theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking once said: “Nothing caused the Big Bang” and “Singularity arose from nothing” In the book The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking “Bodies, such as stars and black holes can’t appear out of nothing but a whole universe can.

” Based on the Law of Cause and Effect, Cosmic Law of Action, Karmic Ripples: “ is a universal law which specifically states that every single action in the universe produces a reaction no matter what.” And “all paths have an original first step.” So everything in the universe is related, and lastly “cause is greater than effect.”

So what and how is the cause of our universe? It needs to be something out of common sense, it’s not and can’t be material.

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In Roman 1:20 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power…” So now we’re left with different power, something such as eternal power.

⇒ This is the eternal Power of God

There’re ways to many characteristics and features of the earth to support life that can explain by coincidence The earth is at the right position and distance ( at about 93 million miles) from the Sun to have a conducive temperature for life (How far away is the Sun?). The right atmospheric pressure, water, energy, elements, and organic molecules, to the position in the Milky Way so that we have enough conditions for life to sprout on Earth (Learn Astronomy). For example: Earth has a stable atmosphere, which is rich in Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen and different compounds. Not only that, we also have a magnetic field to deflect radiation and solar wind from the Sun (Learn Astronomy). Creation can explain how life appeared, while evolution can not.

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