Technology and Human Vulnerability

Topics: Stephen Hawking

In today’s world, technology is everywhere we look. Whether it be in our own home, the workplace, or out in public places, a common fear among many is wondering if these robotics can become self aware. Is it possible that they can potentially take over? In the article Beware the Robots, Says Hawking written by Paul Rodgers, after Elon Musk announced last year that artificial intelligence may be a concern, Stephen Hawking advanced people’s concerns by stating that it may pose a threat in the future and “spell the end the human race” (qtd.

in Rodgers).

Hawking also states that since humans are restricted by slow-paced evolution, robots would take over and succeed them in updating their intelligence and “re-designing themselves” (qtd. in Rodgers). This is also known as “the singularity”, often used by Hawking in many of his works.

Accompanying robots’ advanced intelligence, Hawking also believes that the termination of humans can be seen if contact with aliens becomes a reality, which with today’s technology, could easily become available.

Although he believes that technology can eventually end us, it also helps him in his everyday life, with communication being the biggest one. Physicist Hawking has a disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which requires him to use a synthesizer to speak.

Since technology is updating rapidly and becoming more useful and advanced, the company SwiftKey offered to give Hawking an updated version of his synthesizer, which could cause him to talk twice as fast as he originally did before.

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Hawking declined their offer and kept his old robotic voice. A big reason he did not take SwiftKey’s offer was because he believes it is his trademark, and he is looked up at by younger children, stating “children who want a computer voice, want one like mine.” (qtd. in Rodgers). Although technology has the capability to take over, because Hawking is very well known and technology will always play a huge part in his life, he is thinking about transitioning into film. He is already pretty familiar with it, as he has been involved in multiple programs already like The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, and The Theory of Everything, the film about his own life.

In conclusion, technology is constantly updating and reprogramming, which could eventually, as stated by multiple sources like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, take over the world and the human race. Since bots upgrade so fast, Hawking truly believes humans do not stand a chance against them. Although technology helps Hawking in his everyday life, he refuses to update. In the future though, Hawking hopes to continue his experiences with technology and make his way into film.

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