Technology And Human Relationships Essay

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Technology is very popular, and become an indispensable part in our daily life. The students use technology to serve for learning, the office staffs use technology to draft the contracts or build the projects, the teachers use technology to make the lessons become more lively, and so on. Thus, technology brings to us many benefits. However, everything has its dark side, also technology. Have we ever wonder if we don’t have the technology, then the relationships around us will be how? Whether the human relationship will be better, and more trustworthy, or not?

By my own experiences that I have learned, have beheld, I can see clearly the technology is changing the relationship between members in a family, between friends, between those who are in love.

In a technology family, it’s surely difficult for each member to share and understand each other if they always focus on their jobs, or checking Facebook, Twitter on their laptop and their phone while they are sitting next to each other.

I agree that it is their personal life, but they are living in the same house and how they can dismiss their own relatives like that. Unlike the family in the era of technology, the family at the time when technology has not appeared yet, which I call the old family, had a more difficult life. They didn’t have smartphone, smartwatch, tablets, or laptops. Therefore, if they wanted to contact to each other, they had to write the letter and wait until they received the response.

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Because of these difficulties, they always cherished the time when they met, the conversations, the stories that they told each other. For example, I used to watch an old Vietnamese movie that talks about the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. In this movie, I saw an old family with three generations, grandparents, parents, and their kids. They sat together in front of a black white television. There was a few traditional food on the table. The elders were talking to each other. The children …

Technology And Human Relationship

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Technology And Human Relationships Essay
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