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Physics is my interest Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Physics

For the longest time, the physics behind the universe has peaked my interest. Technology and other advancements have continued to achieve the impossible, defying many laws through mathematics. New discoveries and theories then arise with their complexities that have yet to be solved which leads to be people questioning others. Why is our world like this? How did it come into existence? How does everything manage to work together in sync to shape our universe?

We can only question that which we don’t understand due to how little we know. Science has told us one thing while religion speaks of a different origin. The need to form the links between them has intrigued me to further study physics at a degree level.

The challenge of understanding bizarre concepts derived from experts eventually led me to read articles and academic books. Three Roads of Quantum Gravity read ‘Stephen Hawking showed with proof that the area of the horizon of a black hole can never decrease in time……. it is a quantity that can only increase in time.’ This links with the second law of thermodynamics and the arrow of time which is a one way direction. However recently, scientists have reversed the flow of time using a quantum computer. This is a huge breakthrough as it could possibly alter our knowledge and understanding of the universe and process that surround it which shows how little humanity still knows. This fuelled my interests me as it shows that science and technology an do the impossible, given the right amount of time and dedication to work.

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Nothing satisfies me more than a difficult problem which I then solve. This is achieved using my analytical skills gained through tutoring maths to younger students. Being observant through this, I have seen work from others perspectives allowing me to gain insight into problems from different points of view. This is a beneficial trait as a physicist as you must understand a new challenge in more ways than one. During my work placement in a secondary school maths office I had to complete various tasks such as creating flawless displays. Organisation and perspective helped me create them in order to provide the information efficiently to students. I greatly advanced my communication skills by working with people to structure filing cabinets and documents within to a perfect standard. This is a useful trait as a physicist as you are often working with others to discover new theories.

Through the Mosaic Mentoring Programme I improve my listening skills through working with new people

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on Physics is my interest and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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