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Free essays on psychotherapy are written by experts in the field and explore various aspects of psychotherapy. These essays provide valuable information on the theories of psychotherapy, the application of various techniques in psychotherapy, and the effectiveness of psychotherapy on different mental health conditions. The essays also discuss the ethical concerns and challenges faced by psychotherapists, as well as the importance of cultural considerations in psychotherapy. Overall, free essays on psychotherapy are a great resource for those interested in the field or seeking to learn more about this essential mental health treatment approach.
The Influence by Carl Rogers in the Personality Psychology Field
Words • 620
Pages • 3
Carl Rogers was a very influential humanistic psychologist whose many books and articles have influenced the world in a positive way. Rogers' teachings sought to empower people and let them live to their full potential. Carl Rogers had a great, influential life, created multiple theories about humans, and contributed to psychology in many positive ways. Carl Rogers' life was abundant and influential to many people across the world. In 1902, the great Carl R. Rogers was born in Oak Park.…...
Personality TheoriesPsychologyPsychotherapy
What I Have Learnt About Different Psychologists Theories About Personality
Words • 808
Pages • 4
It has been interesting to learn about how different psychologists view personality and how it is developed. The main idea of each theory sets them apart from one another. Freud believed that our behavior is a result of our unconscious motives, and is divided into the id, ego, and superego. He believed that personality is developed in stages throughout life (oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital). If you remain fixated in one of the stages it will impact your personality a…...
Personality TheoriesPsychologyPsychotherapy
Parallelism Between Undergoing Psychoanalytical Therapy and Being a Teacher
Words • 1356
Pages • 6
Psychoanalytical therapy is the classic and besteknown modality of therapy; a patient, a psychologist and a couch Founded by Sigmund Freud, psychoanalytical therapy (also known as "talk therapy") is aimed at helping people overcome problems. It has grown popular throughout the last decades and the number of people that seek help in it » along with the number of psychologists - continues to increase on a regular basis. At the same time, teaching is a profession with intrinsic features that…...
Being A TeacherLearningMental HealthPsychotherapy
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Dangerous And Aggressive Man With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Words • 784
Pages • 4
In​ M​. Night Shyamalan​’s​ ​film​ Split​, a man named Kevin has dissociative identity disorder with twenty-four alter personalities. However, Dennis is the host identity because he is the one with the most prevalent identity and existence. With obsessive-compulsive disorder and overall violent traits, Dennis is an extremely dangerous host identity. For instance, the movie is centered around how Dennis kidnapped three teenage girls with the hopes of unleashing the Beast, another alter, onto them. He is the most perilous alter…...
Mental DisorderObsessive Compulsive DisorderPsychologyPsychotherapy
A Psychobiographical Study On The Writings Of Doris Lessing
Words • 1568
Pages • 7
Professor of English Department of English, (Jnanabharathi) Bangalore University Today, we are in the digital era, where we find, connectivity around the globe within a fraction of seconds. Space technology has engulfed mankind and terrific competition seen in the launching of rockets and missiles to space. Political and ideological turmoil is the order of the day, where man is caught in between the intricate hub of inventions and discoveries. Despite, such tremendous growth in modern times, still we find the…...
Unconscious Aspects of The Personality And Promotes Adaptive Functioning
Words • 1171
Pages • 5
Psychoanalysis is not a single theory but rather, it is a diverse collection of many theories that attempt to explain facets of human functioning. Psychoanalysis promotes awareness of unconscious, maladaptive, and continuous recurrent patterns of emotion and behavior. It allows previously unconscious aspects of the self to become integrated and promotes adaptive functioning, healing, and creative expression. Psychoanalytic therapies have proven to be beneficial for dealing with a wide range of human relational and emotional health problems in different populations.…...
Problems Faced by a Veteran After the Army
Words • 1974
Pages • 8
Some issues Veterans faces are coping with post-traumatic stress disorder, disability, homelessness, unemployment, addiction, and suicide (Schlenger et al., 2002). A traumatic event causes physical, emotional, and psychological harm (Schlenger et al., 2002). Rothbaum, Rizzo, and Difede (2010) state that 'Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic, debilitating, psychological condition that occurs in a subset of individuals who experience or witness life-threatening traumatic events.” People in the military are among the most at-risk populations for exposure to traumatic events resulting…...
Causes, Effects, and Remedy for Gaming Addiction
Words • 2078
Pages • 9
Introduction Gaming is fun yet prompts dependence when done unnecessarily. It is obvious that the nonstop playing of these amusements makes gamers to be dependent. The reasons for gaming fixation are peer weight and the ascent of the web, and it prompts disappointment in scholastic and medical problems, yet it tends to be dealt with through outpatient treatment projects and computer game recovery and intellectual conduct treatment. Amusement enslavement is one of the ongoing issues that the high schooler and…...
AddictionAdolescencePsychotherapyVideo Game
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
Words • 1271
Pages • 6
The following example essay on "Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder" looks at the symptoms, examples, and treatment of this disorder. As per DSM-5, the basic component of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) is a distraction with organization, compulsiveness, and mental and relational control, to the detriment of adaptability, transparency, and proficiency. This example starts by early adulthood and is available in an assortment of settings. People who have OCPD attempt to keep up a feeling of control through meticulous regard for guidelines, trifling…...
CloningMedicineMental DisorderMental HealthPersonality DisorderPsychotherapy
Use of Robotics
Words • 382
Pages • 2
The following sample essay on "Use of Robotics" is describing the use of robotics being perceived as deceptive by users in multiple instances. This article is pertaining to the argument that robots should not be used in a deceptive way towards vulnerable users as well as stating that machine nature should be transparent. The intended audience for this article are individuals who are researching and developing robotic technologies for users who are in a state of vulnerability. The Primary readers…...
Artificial IntelligenceCommunicationDeceptionPsychologyPsychotherapy
Childhood Traumas in African American Females suffering
Words • 2910
Pages • 12
IntroductionIn psychology there is a lot of variations of trauma in African American women from their childhood traumas that have a great impact on their lives in adulthood. These traumas have a life lifelong impact on the individual and be very crucial if treatment or counseling is not sought after. These traumas are, considered a complex interplay among behavioral, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental conditions appeared to influence the initiation and maintenance of substance abuse (Johnson and Young, 2002). Most…...
AbuseBiologyBrainBrain Based LearningMental DisorderPsychology
Soul Surfer Movie Review
Words • 1809
Pages • 8
The main character in Soul Surfer movies is exposed to difficult time and suffering. Bethany Hamilton, who is the main character of the film is truly passionate about surfing, and she was convinced God created her for this. After being attacked by a 14-foot shark at the age of thirteen, her hand was floating and dangling over the water. Bethany was lucky because Alana's father was around and took her to the hospital where she underwent surgery. She could have…...
Anxiety DisorderDiseaseHuman NatureMental HealthPsychotherapyThought
Confidentiality Boundaries
Words • 1874
Pages • 8
The essay sample on Confidentiality Boundaries dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.Boundaries not only reflect a need for physical space, but, our core values, self respect and our need for safety and protection. They are invisible lines that differentiate people from each other. The different forms or types of boundaries include physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational. The formation of boundaries in Counselling,…...
Human NaturePsychotherapy
Analysis of Dostoevsky’s Themes and Arguments
Words • 1580
Pages • 7
This sample essay on Destoyeski reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below.After returning from a shopping trip with his mother, little Tommy reported, “I goed to the store and eated candy. ” Why might a behaviorist such as B. F. Skinner have had some difficulty explaining Tommy’s incorrect grammatical construction? What sort of theory could explain the errors? What would that explanation be? B. F Skinner was an American…...
Human NatureMedicineMental HealthPositive PsychologyPsychologyPsychotherapy
Person Centred Counselling Essay
Words • 2037
Pages • 9
The sample paper on Counselling Essay familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper. Relationships play an important role in everyday life. You or I may define a relationship with a person in many different ways depending on the context with whom the relationship is with, whether this be peers, colleagues or loved ones. So is it possible to have a relationship with someone who you don’t know, someone such as…...
Mental HealthPositive PsychologyPsychiatryPsychotherapy
Existential Therapy Case Study
Words • 1572
Pages • 7
The sample essay on Existential Therapy Case Study deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.After run intoing with Anna and following her initial rating I have decided that it would be in her best involvement to pull upon the constructs of the Existential theory. Using the thoughts behind Experiential Therapy we will travel towards making a good healer and client relationship. We will…...
Case StudyConsciousnessEducationLearningMetaphysicsPsychotherapy
Psychotherapy: Facts and Arguments
Words • 1962
Pages • 8
This essay sample essay on Psychotherapy Essay offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.Psychotherapy Research: Logotherapy Jonathan Guillen Langara College Abstract This paper is intended to describe and provide examples of logotherapy and where it came from. Logotherapy was developed by Viktor Frankl and is used to help clients perceive their own life and try to find meaning for it. The process of logotherapy is…...
MetaphysicsPhilosophical TheoriesPsychotherapy
History Of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Words • 1588
Pages • 7
The folllowing sample essay on History Of Neuro Linguistic Programming discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.History of Neuro Linguistic Programming Abstract This paper covers the history and development of Neuro Linguistic Programming in the field of psychology covering its techniques and its growth from behavioral modeling and the influences of Gestalt psychologists Fritz Perls; Virginia Satir, and Milton Erikson. Richard Bandler and…...
Human NatureNervous SystemPerceptionPsychotherapy
Psychotherapy Essay
Words • 1053
Pages • 5
The essay sample on Psychotherapy Essay dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.Summary Garzon (2005) seeks to describe ways in which a therapist may use Scripture within psychotherapy interventions and to increase the awareness of therapists in these techniques. He bases this description by utilizing a case study by the name of George. Garzon contemplates issues surrounding scripture interventions. The article proceeds to relate…...
Human NaturePsychologyPsychotherapyThought
Psychoanalytic Approach To Personality
Words • 1225
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Personal essays
This sample essay on Psychoanalytic Approach To Personality provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.Analyzing the components of the psychoanalytic approach to personality Herbert Reeves PSY/250 April 26, 2011 David Brueshoff Analyzing the components of the psychoanalytic approach to personality Theories are analytical tools for understanding, explaining, and making predictions about a given subject matter. One such subject of much debate…...
Human NaturePersonalityPsychiatryPsychotherapySigmund Freud
Mayo Clinic Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Words • 1418
Pages • 6
Paper Type:Personal essays
The following sample essay on Mayo Clinic Narcissistic Personality Disorder discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a specific kind of personality disorder. A personality disorder is when people have traits that cause them to feel and behave in socially distressing ways, it limits their ability to function in relationships and in other social aspects in life (Mayo Clinic). Narcissistic…...
Borderline Personality DisorderMedicineMental DisorderNarcissistic Personality DisorderPersonalityPersonality Disorder
Imposing and Exposing Values
Words • 1109
Pages • 5
This sample essay on Imposing Values provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Imposing uses some type of force or manipulation or pressure for another to adopt or follow the same values as the one exerting the force. Exposing is simply putting or sharing one’s values out there for others to take it or leave it. To expose your values means…...
Human NaturePersonalityPsychotherapyTherapyValues
Reconstruction and Conclusion From Memory
Words • 1030
Pages • 5
This essay sample on Memory Reconstruction provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay. There are a number of serious social problems in the society today which include childhood sexual abuse among other crimes. When these occur, sometimes it is possible for the memories to be hidden in the unconscious as the mind tends to block scary episodes of abuse or…...
HealthLifeMemoryMental HealthPsychiatryPsychotherapy
Research on Making A Right Choice
Words • 1116
Pages • 5
This sample essay on A Right Choice Essay offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below. I believe the research was valid, based on the answers from certain questions; although it lacked clarity in the hypothesis and vagueness in the questions asked. Despite lack of clarity in some questions, others were very direct and gave clear answers. A number stated that cost would influence their decision…...
ChoiceExperienceHuman NatureInterviewPsychotherapyResearch
Subliminal Recording
Words • 925
Pages • 4
This essay is about the use of subliminal voice messages to improve the work of the employees in a company. The subliminal voice messages are the ultrasound voice messages, which cannot be heard, but are understood by the brain. It is believed now, that these can improve the efficiency, productivity, loyalty and enthusiasm of work place employees. The following paper is an attempt to prove this fact. Subliminal Recording Background: For the first time, the subliminal messages came into notice,…...
DreamMindPerceptionPsychology DreamsPsychotherapyShoplifting
Counseling Profession in Transition
Words • 916
Pages • 4
The following sample essay on "Councelor": tells about the counseling profession and how it has experienced a great deal of change, especially during the 1990’s. Several of those changes occurred in 1992; these include the changing of the AACD’s name to the ACA (American Counseling Association), the adding of counseling as a primary mental health profession into the health care human resource statistics of the Center for Mental Health Services and National Institute of Mental Health, and the writing of…...
Human NatureMedicineMental DisorderPsychotherapy
The Dark Knight and the Psychoanalysis of the Joker
Words • 969
Pages • 4
The following sample essay talks about the film The Dark Knight and gives a psychoanalysis of the Joker. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. The Dark Knight is a 2008 film based on the Dc Comics character Batman and his struggle and journey in combating the most demented villain ever, The Joker. The Joker is a psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy. Due to The Joker’s insane nature, it is appropriate to use…...
Human NatureMental HealthPsychiatryPsychotherapy
Bowen Interventions
Words • 238
Pages • 1
Outline for Bowen paper on Beginning, Middle, End goals/interventions 1. a joing family as a coach, healthy triangle look up beginning stages of therapy limit emotional reactivity experimental therapy – teacher/coach b. therapeutic alliance/relationship c. how change brought about? Through insight… For Bowen theory – insight gained by looking at patterns in famly/genogram For Behavior therapy – shaping For cognitive therapy – challenging destructive schema Structural therapy- realigning structure Bowen – 1. Insight2. Multi-generation transmission 3. Differentiation of self 2.…...
Human NatureMental HealthPsychotherapyTherapy
Counselling Psychology Essay
Words • 772
Pages • 4
My grim determination to pursue a career in psychology has been a lifelong dream. Since I was in my teens, I have always been interested in how a human brain works. In fact, observing human behavior was my favorite pastime. I remember rather well how I would observe other people and compare their reactions to identical stimuli and then asked myself why? For instance, why did Mrs. A spank her 8-year-old son when she caught him lying, and Mrs. B…...
AddictionBehaviorHuman NaturePsychotherapy
Narrative Therapy Key Concepts
Words • 764
Pages • 4
Paper Type:Narrative essays
Michael white and David Epston are best known for their use of narrative in therapy. According to white individuals construct the meaning of life in interpretive stories which are then treated as truth. Adopting a postmodern, narrative, social constructionist view sheds light on how power knowledge and truth are negotiated in families and other social and cultural contexts. Key concepts Focus narrative therapy involves adopting a shift in focus from most traditional theories. Therapists listen respectfully to clients stories to…...
Family TherapyHuman NaturePsychotherapyTruth
Countertransference Example
Words • 314
Pages • 2
Countertransference Tina Huley Psychology: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Professor: Dr. Yvonne Patterson Chicago State University Countertransference Countertransference is the therapist’s unconscious emotional responses when a client discusses a therapist’s unresolved issue. The counselor’s thoughts and feelings in reaction to the client can be from the client themselves or events in the counselor’s own life. Counselors should monitor their feelings while working with their clients. Counselors who are aware about their personal issues allow them to manage countertransference. They can feel…...
Mental HealthPsychiatryPsychotherapy
Qualia Examples
Words • 646
Pages • 3
At the centre of Frank Jackson’s articulation of the Qualia Problem is the claim that “one can have all the physical information without having all the information there is to have”. In the case of sensory experience, for example, while all sorts of comprehensive data could be recorded in a said event, there is yet an intangible element to the actual experience itself. Take, say, a person smelling a rose. Using modern technology one could capture all sorts of biochemical,…...
The Therapeutic Communication Skills
Words • 614
Pages • 3
From my perspective, key therapeutic communication skills that link leadership behaviors to patient outcomes within an involuntary environment would include empathy, nonjudgment, collaboration, active listening, congruence, unconditional positive regard, and respect. It would be essential to build trust and rapport with an involuntary client. There are also seven sources of interventions that may be used when leading group in an involuntary environment. The reactance theory provides a useful framework for understanding the client who perceives themselves as being coerced into…...
CommunicationHuman NatureLeadershipPsychotherapySchoolSchool Violence
Research Paper Topics On Psychopaths
Words • 565
Pages • 3
Psychopaths are people, having a certain set of the pathological character traits that are difficult to tolerate for themselves and for others.A character is usually a combination of many traits that can be modified by environmental influences. Psychopaths have personality traits, characterized by mental disharmony, which are relatively stable, little reversible, total and determine the psychic structure of the individual. The pathological features are expressed so strongly that they prevent full social adjustment of the individual.Essay Example on Research On…...
Abnormal PsychologyMental HealthPersonality DisorderPsychotherapy
Carl Rogers 6 Core Conditions Explained
Words • 235
Pages • 1
Carl Rogers. Core ConditionsEssay Example on Rogers Core Conditions CARL ROGERS. CORE CONDITIONS. In this essay I will explore Carl Rogers core conditions and how these effect the personality change in a client using the Person Centred Approach. For clients beginning therapy the most important fact initially is the entry of a new person (the therapist) into their psychological environment. It is the building of this relationship between therapist and client, which will facilitate change in the client. This relationship…...
Carl RogersCommunicationHuman NaturePsychotherapyTherapy
Gestalt Key Concepts
Words • 520
Pages • 3
Gestalt therapy aims for self knowledge, acceptance and growth by looking at the current existence. This theory entails concepts around what is actually currently happening rather than what has happened in the past. It focuses on the here and now, not on what should be, could be or what was. From this present centred forcus, one can become clear about ones needs, wishes, goals and values. The concepts emphasized in gestalt therapy are creative adjustment and modification, unfinished business, Zones…...
AwarenessHuman NaturePsychotherapy
The stunning of Anna Enquist Review
Words • 975
Pages • 4
After the death of his cancer-stricken wife Hanna psychotherapist Drik de Jong is back (50) is difficult to normal in his everyday life. In the consulting room in his house, he is surrounded by memories and can not escape from them. His younger sister Suzan (46) seems to mind very experienced and received no psychological wounds her work as anesthetist again. When her sister fell ill, she had a leave of absence to take over the care and stun Annas…...
Health CareMedicinePsychotherapy
Dance Research Paper
Words • 559
Pages • 3
Dance therapy is a psychotherapeutic discipline in the field of artistic therapies. The freely improvised dance serves the individual expressions, understanding and processing of emotions and relationships. The dance, as any kind of movement with creative expression and communication, is the core component of dance therapy, which developed in the 40s in the U.S. Dance therapy improves self-perception, which leads to an expansion of the movement repertoire and promotes the authentic expression through the integration of the unconscious. It can…...
DanceHobbyMental HealthPsychotherapyTherapy
Music Therapy Essay Example
Words • 1534
Pages • 7
Music Therapy Essay Introduction Professor Yankee 11/19/12 Music Therapy Why do people use this type of therapy exactly? Well music has been used as medicine for thousands of years and there’s a growing field of health care known as music therapy, which uses music to heal. Those who practice music therapy find benefits in using it to help cancer patients, children with ADD, and others, and even hospitals are beginning to use music therapy to help with pain management, to…...
Health CareMedicineMental HealthMusic TherapyPsychotherapy
Art Therapy, a New Method of Treatment Essay Example
Words • 1639
Pages • 7
Using  Disorders Art Therapy, while still a fairly new method of treatment, is quickly becoming a more and more relied upon tool used in the treatment of a number of psychological and emotional issues. Art Therapy has largely grown out of the psychiatric movement with connections to theorists who placed high value on symbolization and the unconscious, such as Freud and Jung. The use of Art Therapy did not come into the forefront until the 1940’s, the result of pioneers…...
Art TherapyDiseasePsychotherapy
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What I Have Learnt About Different Psychologists Theories About Personality
...Essentially, personality is the result of how people cope with the everyday challenges of living, ranging from experiences in early childhood to the surrounding environment and society. I have struggled most to differentiate between the theories and ...
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