The following sample essay on “Use of Robotics” is describing the use of robotics being perceived as deceptive by users in multiple instances. This article is pertaining to the argument that robots should not be used in a deceptive way towards vulnerable users as well as stating that machine nature should be transparent.

The intended audience for this article are individuals who are researching and developing robotic technologies for users who are in a state of vulnerability. The Primary readers of this article is the Department of Psychology as the article references the use of robotics in therapeutic and rehabilitation sessions.

A Secondary audience would be the directed towards Sheffield Robotics as the organization is bound to the Principles of Robotics as stated in the first paragraph of the article.

The Tertiary audience would be the elderly as well as patients who are in rehabilitation or therapy as the use of robotics through their session could be either deceptive or helpful.

The gatekeepers of this article would be the University of Sheffield as well as the peer reviewers who accepted the formatting, subject and content for the audience.

The beliefs and values of the audience points toward the further integration of the use of robots for therapeutic sessions as it provides the patient to associate certain memories with the object. The audience, mostly therapist along with some robotics enthusiast see the opportunity as a way to further our implementation of treatment with the use of robots. The writers appeal for these beliefs takes a different turn a Dr.

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Collins describes how the use of the robots are used as a means of deception as the robots are placed in the situation to manipulate the individual into eliciting a specific response.

The level of technical knowledge in the article is medium due to some of the abbreviations labeled through the articles. The definitions with the classifications are labeled throughout the page as well to better provide an understanding as to what a specific type of robot is categorized by as well as abbreviations to describe the quality of life and so forth. While reading the article, the reader should be able to comprehend the argument with minimum to no effort while also be encouraged to seek out other information pertaining to the article.

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