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Psychopaths are people, having a certain set of the pathological character traits that are difficult to tolerate for themselves and for others.A character is usually a combination of many traits that can be modified by environmental influences. Psychopaths have personality traits, characterized by mental disharmony, which are relatively stable, little reversible, total and determine the psychic structure of the individual. The pathological features are expressed so strongly that they prevent full social adjustment of the individual.

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There are several types of psychopath: schizoid psychopath; psychasthenic psychopath, asthenic psychopath; mosaic personality disorder, affective psychopath, cycloid psychopath, hyperthyme psychopath, hypothyme psychopath, paranoid psychopath, hysterical psychopath, excitable psychopath, epileptic psychopath, and a group of emotionally dull personalities.

The most common are the psychopaths of the excitable type and the group of emotionally dull personalities. The psychopaths of the excitable type are characterized by affective explosive irritability. Such a person does not control his emotions, is very aggressive, inadequate to criticism, moody, and is often irritate by the environment.

If there is any conflict or cause for irritation, such a person can start a fight or even can use weapons to commit socially dangerous act, since he does not control his behavior at the moment. Such people are usually hyperactive, but it is difficult for them to concentrate their attention for long. They are cruel to people and animals, disinhibited in their instincts, often prone to sexual perversions. Such a person may show the first symptoms in his childhood in the form of aggression toward animals, unmotivated outbursts of aggression, restlessness, pugnacity.

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The main feature of the emotionally dull personalities group is the underdevelopment of the highest moral senses. There are plenty of them among our colleagues, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. These people are heartless, self-centered, without a sense of shame, remorse, conscience, and honor. From early childhood, they are distinguished by the lack of spiritual interests, persistent emotional attachments, debauchery, and deceit.

The main preventive measures against psychopathy are of socio-correctional nature: proper education in the family, school; the employment adequate to the psychological makeup of the personality and its level of intelligence and social adaptation. In the case of decompensation, in the treatment of psychopathy are used psychotherapeutic methods (explanatory psychotherapy, autogenous training, hypnosis, family therapy) and medication.

For a decent presentation of your research results, you will need to carefully study the subject; you have to be able to understand clearly the types and causes of the disorder. Moreover, in your research papers on psychopaths you will have to explain the nature of each type and try to find effective preventive measures.

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