Causes, Effects, and Remedy for Gaming Addiction


Gaming is fun yet prompts dependence when done unnecessarily. It is obvious that the nonstop playing of these amusements makes gamers to be dependent. The reasons for gaming fixation are peer weight and the ascent of the web, and it prompts disappointment in scholastic and medical problems, yet it tends to be dealt with through outpatient treatment projects and computer game recovery and intellectual conduct treatment.

Amusement enslavement is one of the ongoing issues that the high schooler and youthful kids are looking in their everyday life.

In the event that a gamer began to play, he disregards everything which is going on in and around him. An individual can not control this gaming fixation. It is on the grounds that it will make a critical effect on their life to keep running behind it. The gamers will discover dependably things that they are around a universe of nobody (Selim 2017). The compulsion will result in secluded of the individual, and even they may drop out from studies.

Kids and young people live the prime of computer games. In addition, to comprehend the impact they may have on their lives, we should realize what they are about, distinguish cautioning signs and build up clear and consensual guidelines for their utilization.

Causes of Addiction

The causes of gaming addiction are the rise of internet and peer pressure. Rise of the internet from 2000 led to a massive increase in the number of online games and also gamers. Internet-enabled multi-player role (Griffiths, 2014). The internet has led to efficiency and connecting people, as well as led to gaming addiction (‘The Australian Psychological Society,’ 2016).

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Peer pressure has also largely contributed to gaming addiction. According to Selim,” digital game addicted individuals formed close friend groups and interacted together” (2017).

Spending more time of games will lead to game addiction. The gaming addiction will increase the harm of physical and mental health. It also leads to depression, social anxiety.

The addition of the games is happening through the nature of the game. Once a person has a love with the game his passion goes with it. Then the person will not be able to come out from the passion on it.

The other leading causes like brain damage are the important one which will be affecting by playing the game regularly. Playing the games is not only a factor of the issue which is affecting the present lifetime. It will react in the future also, and this same mentality will affect them in the future.

Lack of social engagement: There will be a lack of social engagement with the general people. The people who are addicted to the video game would not concentrate on the general activity which is happening in and around us.

There only life is to achieve the target in the games and move to the next level. Even some of them are started playing from early morning, and they need to prove that they are the best among others. Interacting with the other people is an important point to be noted but the gamer will not involve in the daily social activity.

Problems with concentration and addiction: It is more important to understand that the gamer will lose their concentration and mental power as compared to average personability. It is one of the needed causes which should be noted by the gamer, and it will bring a significant impact in their future life. For example, the children who are playing the games always lead to a lack in the interest of reading books and they do not have much interest in their studies.

Increased of violence: There are games which are reasonable and some gone beyond that. First, the parent should note that what kind of game their children’s are intended to play. Whether they are playing any good or time passing games. If they move with violence gamed like shooting or killing any person will change their mind to focus on the particular thought.

Shortly when they become mature, they try themselves to safeguard from others and for protection, they try to fight with others and even they try to kill the other people.

Effects of Gaming Addiction

Addiction to gaming leads to academic failure and health issues. The first effect is an academic failure. Grades of addicted students are more likely to drop due to using little time for their studies (Chiu, 2004). According to Mehmet, Yusuf, and Sezel, the co-relationship between academics and gaming is negative (2016). The more a student plays games, the more they are likely to sleep in class (Marion& Amjad, 2018).

The second effect is health-related issues. Gaming addiction leads to increased likelihood to get depression, psychosomatic and musculoskeletal symptoms (Charlotta, Kent, Jerzy & Cecilia, 2015). Anxiety, neuroticism, and aggression are caused by gaming addiction (Mehroof, 2010).

The professional player, who considers video games as the most essential thing in his life and likes to train in his console preferably for more than 7 hours. The investigation showed a figure of more than 200,000 pesos per month as an ordinary expense of professional players.

With this information, we should consider that kids and young people are helpless to ecological upgrades. In addition, the screens, notwithstanding the authenticity of computer games, which joined by brutal substance, absence of backup and standards, can produce issues.

There are upwards of two billion gamers on the planet, and obviously, this psychological issue influences just a modest piece of them (Wiemer2005). Sufferers, in view of what shown by the WHO, present a conduct model so dependent on the computer game – be it on the web or disconnected – that altogether bargains the social, individual, work, viable and instructive parts of its life.In practice, the sick subjects remain glued to the screen not caring about everything that surrounds them, with negative effects not only on psychological health but also on physical health, given that very often they do not sleep, they do not eat and they continue undaunted to fiddle with smartphones, computers, and consoles, even when the negative consequences are revealed.

Remedy for Gaming Addiction

The solutions for gaming addiction are outpatient treatment programs and video game rehab and cognitive behavioral therapy. The first solution is outpatient treatment programs and video game rehab. Out patent programs give patients more freedom whereby they are allowed to go home, allowing them to be committed to their work, friends, and school. Patients also enjoy support networks (“American Addiction Centres, 2019”). The second solution is cognitive behavioral therapy. According to experts, cognitive behavioral therapy is among the best recommendation for addicts. The author says that ‘the therapy allows the addict to shift thoughts, replacing thoughts, replacing those that lead to compulsive gaming with healthier thinking patterns(Kinget. al,2010). The technique includes goal setting and the ability to learn how to overcome imaginations that spark gaming addiction.

The treatment which can be given for the game addiction is similar to the treatment given for behavioral addiction. The gamers who are affected by the gamin can undergo with medication therapy. First when they are not accepted with the therapy but later they will change their mind to cope up with it and will change their ability to reduce their time on playing games.

Family therapy: It is one of the critical factors on reducing gaming addiction. The family members need to identify what are the stages in which his children are living. In that fact, they need to spend time on talking with them and try to get them outside to the natural environment and by doing this kind of factors will automatically make them get interested on the other factors

The Cognitive behavioral therapy is a talking therapy. In this therapy which helps to change their mind from the gaming and making them concentrate on their hobbies which they like from their childhood. Time control. Not everything should be technology, spaces for other activities such as study, family, sports, friends, reading or listening to music should be respected. There are no general rules, but experts say that time not exceeding 60 minutes is more than enough to avoid visual fatigue, anxiety and time occupation in a single activity. You must also set the days of the week to play: one day a week, only on weekends, etc.

They are not the only entertainment. Children and adolescents should be clear that video games are one more activity and not the only one. For this, the work and accompaniment of adults are fundamental. If you manage to generate a family atmosphere that has opened the doors to more leisure activities and entertainment, this will favor the disinterest in video games.

Be alert to any changes! The best your son is already addicted to video games, and you have not noticed. Be alert to behaviors, moods, times, behaviors, responses to certain situations. There is an age for everything. Like movies and television series, as well as mobile applications, video games have a classification according to content and appropriate age. Avoid violent, sexually explicit and rude video games at all costs. There are many games that without using those resources are very entertaining.

Less technology, more love, and support. More than consoles, games, gigabytes, and networks, all human beings, especially children and adolescents, require love, protection, security (Wiemer 2015). A hug or being together can never be replaced by the best console or the newest device. We have a huge task. Children and adolescents have fun in all possible ways. However, always with care, rules, and responsibility (Selim 2017).


The reasons for compulsion which are peer weight and the ascent of web lead to medical problems and scholastic disappointment yet can be amended through outpatient treatment projects and computer game recovery and psychological conduct treatment.

Gaming issue three particular conditions are essential: the all out loss of command over the computer game, not thinking progressively about the time and recurrence with which one takes part in the movement; the need given to video recreations as for different interests and exercises of regular day to day existence and the continuation of this conduct even within the sight of desperate outcomes. These are for the most part conditions found in different addictions, for example, medications or betting.

This personal conduct standard must be featured more than a year, be that as it may, in the individuals who have every one of the conditions and a clear impedance of physical and emotional well-being, the analysis can be made much more rapidly. Anybody can play an amusement, yet it ought to be up as far as possible. Constraining the utilization of diversions and focus on the day by day social movement will defeat the dependence.


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