Gestalt Key Concepts

Gestalt therapy aims for self knowledge, acceptance and growth by looking at the current existence. This theory entails concepts around what is actually currently happening rather than what has happened in the past. It focuses on the here and now, not on what should be, could be or what was. From this present centred forcus, one can become clear about ones needs, wishes, goals and values. The concepts emphasized in gestalt therapy are creative adjustment and modification, unfinished business, Zones of awareness, creative indifference

Essay Example on Gestalt Therapy Key Concepts

Creative adjustment and modification: contact is necessary if change and growth are to occur.

Contact is made by, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and moving. It is made effectively by interacting with nature and other people without one losing their individuality, however people often resist contract. Resistance to contact are defences we develop to prevent us from experiencing the present. These modification are called introjection, projection, retoflection,, deflection and confluence. The therapist is to help the client to become aware of how there are blocking there contact with themselves and environment.

Unfinished business: This refers to clients who do finish things in their lives and often relates to people with growth disorder. Clients with unfinished business often resent the present and because of this are unable to focus on the here and now. For example if figures emergy from the background but are not completed and resolved, clients or individuals are left with unfinished business and this can manifest in expressed feelings such as resentment, frustration, rage, pain , anxitey, and grief.

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Zones of awareness: this concept where you focus on what one is in touch with and in situations requiring such attention. It is thought that is leads to insight results in change or adjustment. This concept encourages the client to directly experience a situation rather then talk about it. These three zone of awareness according to gestalt therapy, outer zone, middle zone and inner zone. We / clients can get struck in any of these zones. Its best being able to be choose from one zone to another in order to develop self awareness.

Awareness is needed in situations where thinking and acting are not working and in which one does not learn from experience. It helps the client gain awarenesss of what there are experiencing and doing at that particular time in there life. Outer zone: this is where the client makes contact with the outer world through the use of all senses. This includes awareness of there environment and the other people. Middle zone: this zone includes all over thinking process and what we imagine, fantasize, memories and daydream.

Inner zone: this zone is concerned with what we feel, experience, dreamworld, our emotions and bodily sensations. We make statements such as “I am noticing”, “I am imagining”, “I am feeling” there relate to the three zones by paying attention to all three zones we can heighten our own awareness so that we become a highly attend instrument, assessing what is going on and for using this knowledge to help build the relationship we want with ourselves and the client.

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