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The Off-Field Rage 
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Events like FIFA World Cup and UEFA are big events that soccer fans wait for years. In the stadium, fans energetically cheer for their countries and become united. Everything looks dazzling. The air is filled with passion. But extreme passion can be dangerous if we lead it the wrong way. Soccer fans usually see fans from other teams especially rival countries in international matches as enemies. When fans gather together, they become one and sometimes become hooligans. Hooliganism has a…...
Fifa World Cup
Women’s Sport
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Within sports women genuinely don't receive as much respect and recognition professionally compared to their male counterparts, this is most prominent when it comes to the sports industry. For example, the compensation when it comes to female athletes' earnings is a women's version however founders and sponsors decided against it due to the disinterest of women's sports in the eye of the public. I say if there were more sponsors and media coverage women's sports will become more mainstream with…...
Fifa World Cup
Professional Sport As A Business And Historical Factors Of Sport
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Pages • 8
In the Sports Industry now there is a significant issue about whether female athletes should receive equal pay, sponsorship, and media coverage, there is an ongoing discussion about this issue not only in New Zealand but globally. Some of the significant words and their meanings that will be used frequently involve, equality which is significant in this piece means “the rights of different groups of people to have a similar social status and receive equal treatment” and gender which means…...
Fifa World Cup
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An Analysis of FIFA’s Misuse of Power
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Pages • 7
The Acceptability of FIFA's Misuse of Power I was amazed by the glory and excitement of the 2014 World Cup, hosted in Brazil. I was in São Paulo for the entire World Cup and I had an extraordinary experience. Although I did not attend any World Cup matches, I had a wonderful time watching the games with my extended family and going out and participating in the vibrant World Cup environment. I went to the FIFA fest, an organized location…...
Fifa World Cup
A Business Analysis of Votorantim a Brazilian Cement Company
Words • 672
Pages • 3
Votorantim is a Brazilian family-owned industrial conglomerate. It has benefitted from Brazil's emerging global stature, with the country rising to one of the largest cement consumers internationally. The cement company is not only significant to the group's accounts but also holds a considerable market share in the Brazilian market at a time when business is booming. The company has expanded moderately outside of Brazil, but the country remains its key market. Votorantim was founded as a textile mill in the…...
Fifa World Cup
Olympic Game And The Fifa World Cup Management
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Pages • 10
South Africa is known as a fast-developing state, and World Cup is possibly the biggest event of all time in its district. However, the substructures in this Africans biggest economic system were still hapless when they won the command in 2004. Therefore, its no uncertainty a great challenge for this state. Furthermore, with the bad repute of African undertaking failure syndrome ( Rwelamila, Talukhaba & A ; Ngowi, 1999 ) and eventuality locale ( DellApa,2008), many people has a deep…...
Fifa World CupManagementOlympic GamesSouth Africa
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