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Free essays on coaching are documents that provide information and insights about the concept of coaching. These essays are created to guide and educate individuals who would like to learn more about the different approaches, methods, and techniques in coaching. They also discuss the benefits and challenges of coaching and provide examples of successful coaching strategies. Some free essays on coaching may focus on specific areas such as sports, business, or personal development, while others may provide a more general overview of coaching. These essays can be valuable resources for coaches, aspiring coaches, and anyone interested in learning about coaching.
Types of Coaches and Styles in Coaching in the Video Good Coach, Bad Coach
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The video, "Good Coach, Bad Coach," is an informative video that mainly talks about the two types of coaches that athletes encounter. The video mainly discusses the three styles of coaching: controlling, cooperative and casual. The controlling style was mainly a style of coaching centered around winning and not listening to what the athlete wanted. The cooperative style of coaching was more of a mutually beneficial coaching style for both the coach and athlete. The coach listens to what the…...
The Improvement of Sullivan Window Companys Productivity and Sales Through Coaching Sessions
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Pages • 4
Coaching Session Sullivan Window Company sells and installs windows throughout the United States. The sales office is located in New York, NY is planning to improve the productivity of their sales force. One of the inside sales representatives Lauren Smith is lagging behind the department average of selling new products at 5.8 minutes over the phone. She has improved her phone calls by reducing her average from 8.5 to 7.2 minutes however; there is still room for improvement. A coaching…...
An Outline of My Coaching Philosophy
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Pages • 3
One of the greatest basketball coaches of all time is the legend coach, John Wooden. He is the arguably the best college basketball coach of all time. He has won more national championships than any other coach or team. He is one of two people to be inducted in the college basketball hall of fame as a coach and player. You might be wondering why I am talking so much about John Wooden. Well the answer is that my coaching…...
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A Personal Narrative on Coaching Philosophy
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Pages • 3
My coaching philosophy is simply and to the point. Your coaching philosophy is a reflection of your personality. There is no real right or wrong answer when it comes to your philosophy. With this in mind I am now going to share with you my young and always open to change coaching philosophy. When I am dealing with my players I am going to be very verbal with them. I need to talk to them and show them how I…...
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