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Planning To Skydive For Advertising
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The film I watched was Beach Blanket Bingo that's was directed by William Asher and was released on April 14, 1965. The film begins with Frankie and his group going to the beach when Sugar Kane plans a skydiving publicity stunt for her album. One of the guys falls in love with a mermaid while there is also a biker gang. The film is overall funny while being childish at the same time but is very confusing to follow what's…...
A Great Experience of Skydiving
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What to expect on your first skydiving trip - skydiving equipment list? This is a question that is often asked by most if not all of the people about to go skydiving. Going skydiving is stepping into the unknown. For that reason, you need to be willing, be brave and have the passion to go skydiving. Even though the aforementioned personal traits are important for skydiving activity, it is important to stress the fact that they alone cannot get you…...
My Spring Break in Mexico
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Not quite two years ago, I went on a fantastic adventure. During the 2017 spring break I vacationed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with a couple of my friends. We did many enjoyable things during our stay. My friends and I went on the beach, swam in the ocean and humongous pool, explored the city, went four-wheeling up the mountains, and many other exciting things. Of all of that we did over the course of the trip, my favorite activity was going skydiving.…...
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