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Taekwondo as a Form of My Self-Expression
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The global context I best fit along with this my Personal Project is personal and cultural expression. Martial arts, to me, is a form of self expression. Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea. Being a part of my dojo for years not only exposed me to Korean culture, but also exposed me to the language. It is mandatory for taekwondo students to not only speak simple phrases such as counting to ten, but also respond to directions given…...
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Speech About Taekwondo
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Good morning to my esteemed teachers and classmates. What does Roundhouse, Chop, Side, Turning Back, Jumping front kick, Blocks and Sparring all have in common. No, they are not the ingredients my dad puts in his spicy Chile! It is the Korean Martial Art called Tae Kwon Do. Taekwondo means, the way of the foot and the fist. It is a form of self-defense using your bare hands and feet. Taekwondo dates back over 2000 years but has become one…...
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