Taekwondo as a Form of My Self-Expression

The global context I best fit along with this my Personal Project is personal and cultural expression. Martial arts, to me, is a form of self expression.

Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea. Being a part of my dojo for years not only exposed me to Korean culture, but also exposed me to the language. It is mandatory for taekwondo students to not only speak simple phrases such as counting to ten, but also respond to directions given in the language.

Being a part of any martial art instills good values in the martial artists, such as patience, honesty, and responsibility. This molds people into a better version of themselves, or a more respectable version.

No matter the stresses I had during the day, simply going to my dojo uplifted my mood. I implemented my plans and strategies by reviewing the Taekwondo America Student Manual and The Newport School of Taekwondo Student Training Manual. Although I had previously been a martial artist for nearly a decade every dojo has a different approach to how they decide to teach the students.

I learned new phrases, or rather the same phrases that were pronounced differently due to the variations of accents, multiple modified variations of forms, and general Korean/martial art history.

I also questioned a friend of mine that had coincidentally been in taekwondo for roughly the same number of years for how to perform forms. Fortuitously, we both had the same experiences with not only the stances and forms, but also the accent we were taught to speak and respond to Korean in.

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Rehearsing TaeKwonDo requires tolerance and steady exertion. Procedures ought to be rehashed until the point that the body performs them without really thinking. Pursuing this practice; likewise joins the body and internal quickly, that is if practiced correctly. The art taekwondo isn’t tied in with assaulting first, but rather defending one from an attacker. The reasoning and culture behind this military craftsmanship are about self-control.

Taekwondo is practiced for self-preservation. This is the cause as to why taekwondo has few assault first procedures, unlike other widely known martial arts. These are only some of the things all taekwondo artists should remember to help comprehend the dedication important to reinforce their psyche, enhance their soul and increment their self-control. Taekwondo varies from other hand to hand fighting, for example, Japanese Karate, Chinese Kung Fu, Hapkido, Judo, Yusui (Jujitsu) and kick-boxing because of its emphasis on kicking techniques.

This martial art emphasizes that the usefulness of of foot and hand self defence, trusts that the foot is more helpful than the turn in guarding oneself. Taekwondo has more than 50 different kinds of kicking combinations and foot blocks—no other martial art encompasses that many kicking techniques. Tae Kwon Do, the art of foot and hand fighting, believes that the foot is more useful than the hand in defending oneself.

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