An Outline of My Coaching Philosophy

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One of the greatest basketball coaches of all time is the legend coach, John Wooden. He is the arguably the best college basketball coach of all time. He has won more national championships than any other coach or team. He is one of two people to be inducted in the college basketball hall of fame as a coach and player. You might be wondering why I am talking so much about John Wooden. Well the answer is that my coaching philosophy is similar to John Wooden, he is one of my heroes, and he is one of the reasons I want to coach.

My coaching philosophy will be outlined in the paragraphs below, but the one underlining theme that I want to portray is that my philosophy is always about the team and not about myself. The first dimension of my coaching philosophy is investing in your players lives.

You must get to know your players on a basic, personal level and be able to understand what they are going through as a player to be able to coach them effectively.

Showing the players that you care about them will only want them to perform for you that much more. Coaching is more than just showing up and making the players go through plays and drills. You have to instruct them on and off the court. The second aspect of my coaching philosophy is what I call warriorism. Now this is something I have kind of made up, but I am truly believer in it.

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As a man that grew up in small town of about a thousand people I know what hard work is. We all had to do our part in the town to keep things flowing and stay ahead. I want my players and myself as a coach to be warriors. We go in to every practice and every game believing it is a war that we are a part of. We show up ready to battle and get through any tough situations that arise. I only want warrior on my team. One attribute of a warrior is to put the team or army above yourself. I want all my players to want success for their teammates and team. Being a warrior also include bettering yourself every day.

Players must be in the gym on their own improving their skills. Also it takes courage to be a warrior. Some people do not have courage, but it can be found through your coach and it is the coaches responsibility to help them discover it. Pittacus Lore said “I know what I’m capable of; I am a soldier now, a warrior: I am someone to fear, not hunt.” The third feature of my coaching philosophy is preparation. John Wooden said “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Preparation is key to coaching. You are always preparing something whether that is a practice, scouting report, or a game plan. Effective and quality coaches are very good at preparing. Preparing your players for the next battle is key because you do not want them going unprepared which in turn is setting them up for failure. Preparation can get you somewhere talent cannot. The fourth and final characteristic of my coaching philosophy is to have a winning culture. Now, I am not saying all that matter is winning and losing. I am saying that you as a coach should always have a winning spirit about yourself. If you walk around going through the motions like every day does not matter then your players will do the same.

Having a winning attitude consists of constantly putting the team above yourself and constantly improving your skills. If you chose to be a winner in everything you do you will dramatic changes in your life. Constantly trying to better is the only way to live life. I am coach that wants to see lives changed for the better and I think developing a winning attitude in your players set them up for great success in life. In summary, I have outlined my coaching philosophy above. The central theme of my coaching philosophy is that the team as a whole is more important that one single faucet of the team. One coach or player cannot create a winning team. Remember to always investing in your players, be a warrior, prepare for anything, and have a winning culture. This will lead to being a successful coach.

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