The main roles of Alex Ferguson are to educate players, teaching players to learn and maintain new skills and techniques, also needs to match the appropriate training methods with the ability and experience of the players, give opportunities to practice new skills, demonstrate effectively and to know when to use certain skills for certain situations. Also he is to make sure players are physically able to play the sport, develop player’s components of fitness.

Also he is meant to man manage his team by demonstrating good leadership skills and direct players effectively, be well organized and give clear instructions, ensure players are playing to the best of their ability and reaching their full potential, manage the development of players effectively.

 He also needs to act as a role model for his players to earn and maintain trust and respect, be influential in a positive way, and be reliable and behaved.

In his role as a manger he needs to act as a friend by being there for players when needed, make sure players keep their feet on the ground, and act as a friend to motivate players.

 Alex Ferguson is very good at managing his players as he demonstrates good leadership skills and directs his players effectively. He is a very well organized manager and gives clear instructions to his player. Alex Ferguson is a good role model as he is respected through the whole world of football because of his achievements and is influential on his team in a positive way.

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He has a fierce competitive spirit and a temper to match. Players have described the “Ferguson hairdryer” when he blasts them in a head-to-head tongue-lashing. But he has the ability to measure the qualities of the players he has nurtured and as the club became wealthy expensive players he has brought in, and with these high profile players he has a taken a “my way or the highway” attitude with these players.

Why Is Sir Alex Ferguson A Good Leader

The Skills and techniques Alex Ferguson uses to be successful generally involve communication skills, verbal communication characterized by the use of a spoken word. He would be able to change the tone, pace and volume of their speech to suit the situation. He would also use non Verbal communication skills which include sending messages via body language, facial expressions and gestures. His organisational skills need to be good for his sessions to be successful, these also include analysing, problem solving, evaluation, time-management, sport specific skills.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s coaching technique is autocratic and has an extrovert personality and tells his players exactly what he wants from them. He is very knowledgeable in his sport. Alex Ferguson is a disciplinarian and has showed this on a few occasions. Alex Ferguson tells the players what he wants out of them during a training session and stop and starts when need be. Alex Ferguson is a good communicator as he communicates very well with his players and he is also very well organized. He also knows how to bring out the best in young stars for example players like Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, and Wayne Rooney.

Both Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger’s roles as a coach and manager are similar with regards to educating a player and training players, this is due to the fact that they have similar responsibilities when it comes to training their players and making them physically able to play in their respective sport. With regards to educating players, they both have had young players with star potential and have been able to nurture and mentor them in a similar way to ensure they reach their potential. They are both also good role models for their players despite the fact that they were both not extremely successful as a player. Both coaches are well organized and both analyse, time manage, evaluate performances and solve tactical problems very well. They also both have good knowledge of the sport.

Sir Alex Ferguson has more experience and is a major disciplinarian unlike Arsene Wenger an example of this is Alex Ferguson will sell players despite their ability if they think they are bigger than the club e.g. David Beckham, Eric Cantona and Ruud Van Nistlerooy, but Arsene Wenger failed to do the same with Thierry Henry. Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have different coaching styles and technique with Arsene Wenger having the laid back laissez fair approach and Sir Alex Ferguson having the in your face autocratic approach, by the success of the two managers it seems that Alex Ferguson’s style of managing a team is better due to the more success he has had than Arsene Wenger in his managerial career.

The strengths of Arsene Wenger’s managing style is players have got freedom to express themselves, his teams are well organized, his players trust his approach to training and his transfer policy, players learn technique and how to play by themselves due to the way he does his training session. The weaknesses of Arsene Wenger’s managing style is some players will under perform because they think they are bigger than the club and feel their place in the team is safe, players may feel they can get away with anything.

Changes Arsene Wenger could make to his managing style is Be more disciplined to his players and take more of a autocratic style of coaching his team, also don’t let them get away with things and make players feel like there fighting for there places in the team even if they are stars.

Strengths of Alex Ferguson managing styles are everyone knows where they stand Every player in his squad will know where they stand and know that no one is bigger than the club, players don’t get bigger than club, Most players don’t get to arrogant and if they get bigger than the club he will let them go, everyone believes in his ability no one will question his authority as he has won everything and is highly respected throughout the world and his teams are well organized.

Weaknesses of Alex Ferguson’s managing style are he loses some of his big players due to his management style and letting them know he is boss, some players may get slightly scared of his personality and his status. Changes Alex Ferguson could make are not very many because he is so successful but he could be less strict and be slightly more democratic with his coaching style in order to keep his star players.

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