Types of Coaches and Styles in Coaching in the Video Good Coach, Bad Coach

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The video, “Good Coach, Bad Coach,” is an informative video that mainly talks about the two types of coaches that athletes encounter. The video mainly discusses the three styles of coaching: controlling, cooperative and casual. The controlling style was mainly a style of coaching centered around winning and not listening to what the athlete wanted. The cooperative style of coaching was more of a mutually beneficial coaching style for both the coach and athlete. The coach listens to what the athlete wants and puts that into consideration when they are coaching.

The last coaching style, casual, is when the coach is very careless and lets the athletes make all the decisions. After the video explains the styles of coaching, it begins to highlight and demonstrate the two types of coaching: bad coaching and good coaching. Bad coaching has many different forms, one of them is when a coach is careless and does not care about the athlete. Another form of bad coaching is when the coach chooses favorites and does not involve the other players.

Also, bad coaches can be highly unorganized, too and not provide any feedback for an athlete.

Bad coaches mainly make a player worse, or do not help them improve. The video states that one of the reasons why athletes stop playing a sport they enjoyed was because they had a bad coach. For good coaching, the coaches are very helpful, considerate, motivating and caring towards their athletes. They want to help their athlete improve and the coaches themselves want to improve, too.

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The coaches will provide useful feedback, counsel their players if they need any help, and help their players improve as individuals and not just athletes. One main key that the video says about good coaches is that they are excellent communicators, and that coaches must be good communicators if they want to be successful. Lastly, the video provides the most proper and effective way to train a player. The four steps that are used are warm ups, skills and fitness activities, cool down, and review. These steps are not only good for the physical state of the athlete, but the review helps the athlete mentally on how they can improve and be better.

Some strengths for this video were the different key factors or qualities that good coaches and bad coaches had. It really helped provide and clear and simple message towards the viewer. The short summaries at the end of every lesson were helpful because it was like a wrap up, so the information stayed fresh in the mind. Another strength was that while they listed the qualities of each coaching type, they provided physical examples so that the viewer could see and understand the concept better.Some weaknesses that the video had were that even though they showed physical examples, it would have been nice to have some dialogue instead of the narrator talking over the example. Overall, the video seemed like a very basic introduction into the styles of coaching and how different coaches are.

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