An Overview of Soccer Team-Real Madrid

What sport intrigue people the most? Soccer is an enjoyable sport because it is easy to understand how to play it. There are many soccer teams and leagues in the whole world, but Real Madrid is the best team in the world. Madrid is a highly competitive team in the world for three reasons. The first reason why Madrid is competitive is because Real Madrid won the European Champions League ten times; therefore, Madrid has the highest record in the most arduous league.

In addition, Madrid obtained the Espin League 32 times, the Royal cup 17 times and another 50 champions; moreover, The FIFA proclaim them the most elite team in the century.

The second reason why Madrid is the best team because they employ the most famous players in the world, one of them is Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo earned many rewards with his team; for instance, he obtained the Balloon d’or award for the best player in the world 3 times. Cristiano also is the richest player in the world and he has the highest salary in soccer.

Moreover, Real Madrid has other good players in many positions; for example, Sergio Ramos is the best defender and Luka Modric is the best midfielder in the world.

In addition to the champions and the players the third reason why Real Madrid is the best team in soccer sport is that Madrid is the richest soccer team and has the highest revenues from 2003 until today. Even though they buy one or two players every year, that does not hurt the budget because they sell the new player’s jersey and they gain the same price or more.

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To sum up, these reasons illustrate why Real Madrid is the most competitive soccer team the champions, the players, and because it is the wealthiest soccer team in the world; therefore, I agreed with these reasons and I like the audience for Madrid because Madrid presents their fans with the most sought after rewards.

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