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The following sample essay on soccer is globally the most popular sport in the world, so many footballers step into the pitch to create moments that will go down forever in history. Camp Nou is home to my favorite soccer team which is FC Barcelona and it is a place where I have witnessed many unforgettable moments. The Camp Nou is special to me because I witnessed one of the greatest moments in the sport at that location, which I will never forget.

Even though I have never personally stepped on the Camp Nou, it is one of the most beautiful and inspiring scenes one could ever witness. Once you set your eyes on it you will become mesmerized and nothing can distract you from the game that is being played. The Camp Nou has so many details that one person cannot highlight all of them by themselves.  To me, a soccer pitch is a place where I set my eyes on and it and every worry or stress that I had before is gone.

School, friends, and stress all disappear from my mind after the game starts and all I can focus on are the 22 footballers giving everything for their club. The amount of people you see in the stands is breathtaking as they all come together to cheer or boo for their team. Spectating a game of soccer you just see fans surrounding the whole stadium and how each club has a song that the fans sing in the beginning and end of a game.

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It really is remarkable to see the players walk through the tunnel with each of them having a mascot, and seeing how these little kids look up to these players. A soccer stadium is more than a place where a sport is played but it is more so an environment where fans celebrate the greatness of a team or to watch miserably their team lose. In soccer, critics see how many goals you have scored at your club and rank you based off that, but in soccer there are so many elements that a player can contribute to his team. In order to score you have to kick the ball through the goal and honestly it is the first thing that catches my eye when I’m … Soccer Thesis Statement

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