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the impact of Road infrastructure on socio economic development
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1.1 Back Ground of the studyRoad infrastructure is paramount in facilitating transport and is the base of any developed economy, as they constitute the heart of the supply chain. Roads are the crucial link between producers and their markets, further a dense road network guarantees better access to customers.When transport infrastructure is efficient, it provides various economic and social opportunities that result in positive multiplier effects such as better accessibility to markets, employment, education, health and additional investments (Oosterhaven and…...
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With the development of infrastructural improved the living
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With the development of infrastructural, improved the living standard of people and all other human activities including mining, building office complexes and hydropower development has bought a strong negative impact on our mother earth by disposing the unwanted materials or the part of machine that isn’t functioning well in their site. Rapid expansion of urbanization has a strong correlation with a waste. Increase in the urban growth has further resulted in generation of waste from residential site. It is well…...
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Economic development brings cultural integration However in
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Economic development brings cultural integration. However, in addition to economic construction, cultural construction is another critical point of city development. From my perspective, in the city cultural construction, the expression of artistic language is an essential means to beautify the city image. If a city lacks visual aesthetic language expression, then the whole city will show an only strong sense of industry, but lack of aesthetic perception as well as cultural sense.As was born in an artistic family, I have…...
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Essay 1–Sport as a Tool for Social and Economic Development
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Student NameProfessor NameCourse CodeDateSports: An Economic and Socially Uniting ForceSports unite people and nations worldwide by giving them a healthy outlet to work towards. Furthermore, sports give billions of people something to root for, whether it is a small town that is rooting for their local baseball team or an entire nation cheering for their national curling team in the Winter Olympics. Within sports, things such as race or political creed matter little, as only individual and/or team excellence matters.…...
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Maritime transportation is the most economical mode for mobilizing
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Maritime transportation is the most economical mode for mobilizing raw and finished products in bulk. While the dynamics of economics were changing with ‘globalization’ and countries were opening their closed-door policy, the shipping industry stood and supported the changes by rendering the best services to the world. Today, the industry is being threatened of being used by discriminators to fulfil their malicious desire. Government is determined to have world class transportation systems, logistics and facilities for the sustainable growth of…...
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Labour Government 1997 To 2010
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The folllowing sample essay on Labour Government 1997 discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay's introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down. The Conservative Government of 1990 under John Major aimed to move urban politics in a new direction. The removal of Margaret Thatcher from office and the re-appointment of Michael Heseltine to the Department of the Environment signalled this change in direction. The policies of the 1980s were based…...
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Essay On Special Economic Zone
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The essay sample on Essay On Special Economic Zone dwells on its problems, providing a shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.“A Particular Economic Zone ( SEZ ) is a geographical part that has economic and other Torahs that are more free-market-oriented than a country’s typical or national Torahs. ”Nationwide” Torahs may be suspended inside a particular economic zone. The class SEZ screens. including free trade zones ( FTZ…...
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Effects Of Overpopulation In Pakistan
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The qualitative aspects Of population, major factors affecting population growth, Malthusian population trap, the problems created by overpopulation and the possible solutions to the problems. All this will be done with the help of graphs. Introduction: Overpopulation can be defined as the condition where “finite resources of a particular area will run out if the population expands beyond a given point”. Economics is defined as the social science dealing with the allocation of scarce resources. The earth has a reserve…...
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Research Proposal On Development Economics
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Development economics is the branch of economics and practical discipline, which studies the principles of formation of the political and economical strategies of improvement of the quality of life in the counties which the low income. Economics studies the nature and the cause of mass poverty and learns the factors, tendencies and instruments which can improve the economic development.Essay Example on Research Topics In Development Economics The main aim of the development economics is to defeat poverty and promote economic…...
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Research Proposal on Economic Growth
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Economic growth is the change of the results of the functioning of economics. Economic growth is divided into intensive and extensive according to the methods and principles of the development. The extensive economic growth is observed when the process of production involves more and more resources for the improvement of its rates, while the intensive growth is the involvement of the latest achievements and discoveries in science and technology and improvement the new forms of the organization of the production.…...
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Relevance of public sector enterprise
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The Five Year Plan and other official documents also use the term "Public Sector" in the wider sense to cover all governmental activities, including public industrial and commercial enterprises. The theory that if the government is kept out of the business, it would automatically provide the community with all it desired, without any plan or conscious planning opened the door to the devil has long ago been exploded . Government intervention in the economic system for social and economic reasons…...
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Cotton production in Ghana
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Sustainable Local Economic Development in North-Western Ghana:An Appraisal of the Contribution of Cotton Production inSissala East and West DistrictsIntroductionLocal Economic Development ( LED ) have for some clip now remained an frequently cited sustainable development scheme or attack among development organisations and within national and local authoritiess in both the developed and developing states ( Nel, 2001 ; Rodriguez-Pose and Tijmstra, 2007 ; Meyer-Stamer, 2006 ; Patterson 2008 ; Rodriguez-Pose and Tijmstra, 2009 ; Rogerson and Rogerson, 2010 ; Rogerson,…...
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Economic development of Turkey from 1914 to 2013
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Economic development of Turkey from 1914 to 2013 BY psy1001 Economic Development of Turkey From 1914 to 2013 The movement of Turkish economy in twentieth century was influenced by large number of historical, political and economic events. Externally, Turkish economy was influenced by large events such as World War 1. , Economic depression, and World war II. Internally, Turkish economy was influenced by changes in economical policy(Altug et al. , 2006). The changes in economical policy can be divided in…...
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