Economic Development and Cultural Integration

The following sample essay on “Economic development and cultural integration” looks at how economic development brings cultural integration. However, in addition to economic construction, cultural construction is another critical point of city development.

From my perspective, in the city cultural construction, the expression of artistic language is an essential means to beautify the city image. If a city lacks visual aesthetic language expression, then the whole city will show an only strong sense of industry, but lack of aesthetic perception as well as cultural sense.

As was born in an artistic family, I have been attached importance to cultivating my artistic insight and trained for the profession since I could draw and write. As I grew older, I started my journey on design and handwork. With my little hands curled around my pencil, I proudly designed and made delicate handcrafts for my friends birthday. Realizing that I have a keen interest and gift in art and design, I was eager to do more.

My hometown Jiangsu Province, which has been a tourist paradise ever since ancient times, is now seeking its way to demonstrate and disseminate its cultural resources, cultural facilities (including cultural symbols and cultural attractions), cultural industries and cultural cohesion characteristics. So how to combine my gift with hometown cultural construction?

To figure this out, I chose Visual Communication Design as my major after got admitted by Chongqing Technology and Business University (CTBU). Throughout four years of study, I have comprehended systematic theory learning and carried out the practice training of xx, which includes xx, xx, xx, and xx.

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My campus life is rich and colourful. As the President of the Arts Department of the School of Design and Art, I have planned and organized several campus activities such as Campus Top Ten Singers Competition, Freshman Initiation Party, Joint Performance during Freshman Military Training and so forth. As the Head of Etiquette Team, I recruited new members every year, provided regular training for team members, and led my team to attend campus etiquette activities.

Through these activities, my leadership, interpersonal communication, team managing and organizing abilities were improved, which I think will be of great importance for my future study and career. In spite of the limited daily spare time with approximate six hours, I actively sought opportunities to do the extracurricular work, most for the campus fashion show.

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Economic Development and Cultural Integration
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