Integration Of Psychology And Theology Essay

The Integration Of Psychology And Theology

Essay Example on Integration In Psychology

Psychology and Christianity have been at odds for as long as they as they have coexisted. This book tries to explain how the two can be integrated and be able to work together. The authors, John D. Carter and Bruce Narrmore, go through several ways of combining these two ideas that seem so far apart, but are actually, in theory, connected.
The first chapter is about the possibilities of integrating psychology and theology, and some of the misconceptions that some Christians have toward psychology.

Psychology has become such a big force in the past decades that there is no way that Christians can just ignore it. The two choices that they are, is to either integrate the basic principles of psychology with our theology, or completely throw it away. Christians cannot do the latter because psychology is a science that explains how we as humans take things and how they affect us.

Christians sometimes tend to go with the choice of completely throwing it out, but what they don?t realize is that the basic principles of psychology and the basic principles of the Bible do not disagree. It is the theories of these

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Integration Of Psychology And Theology Essay
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