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Labor Unions and the Fight for Representational Equality
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Introduction On June 27th of 2018, a decision was made by the United States’ Supreme Court that acutely altered the relationship between trade unions and employees. In the case of Janus v. AFSCME, the court ruled that trade unions are no longer able to collect agency fees from non-union members, overruling the previous case of Abood v. The Detroit Board of Education, where it was declared that public-sector employees “may be required to fund union activities related to collective bargaining,…...
Income Inequality
Unfair Income Inequality in the United States
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I am writing to you out of concern of the income inequality that is present in our society today. Were you aware that according to the U.S Census, “​The highest 5% of income earners hold almost 22% of household income; the highest 20% of income earners hold almost 50%”(Barkan Ch.2). Here in the United States we have the largest inequality gap of any industrialized nation between the rich and the poor( In fact, the income gap between the poor and…...
Income Inequality
Why Pakistan Has Large Gap Between Rich and Poor
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Pakistan is a south-western country in Asia, it has a population of 197 million and 97% of them are Muslim. Some reasons for the income gap are Gender, Education, and Political Power. Due to the different beliefs of different generations, it leads to many disagreements including Gender. The older generation believes women should get married and either not work at all or work very little, her main concern they believe should be her family. The new generation believes that marriage…...
Income Inequality
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Income Inequality Issues
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We often see different variations of inequality around us such as gender inequality, social inequality, income inequality etc. The most commonly observed inequality would be income inequality. Income inequality is the variation of distribution of income among the population in a society. In layman’s language, we could say that too much money is held by too few people and vice versa. According to Lammam (2017) “The top 20 percent of households own about 67 percent of the total wealth and…...
Income Inequality
Globalization- Abdulmuizz Onawole
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Seminar Paper 5-Globalizat ion -Abdulmuizz Onawole1. IntroductionOne of the highly debated issue s of the 21 st century social, political and economic system isthe concept of globalization ; its impact, benefits and misfortunes and all other things itsubsum es. The concept and understanding of globalization ha ve varied over time and in recenttime it has broadened . The advancement in communications technology and transportationequipment as seen the world economy more integrated and globalised than ever befor e. Thisnew era of…...
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International Marketing Report for Sephora
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Introduction Sephora, acquired by Louis Vuitton Mo?t Hennessy, is a worldwide leading retailer of beauty, fragrance, and cosmetic products. First founded in 1970 by Dominique Mandonnaud, Sephora began as a fragrance store in France. By 1997, Sephora was bought over by LVMH, offering a wide array of cosmetic products and expanded into the United States and rest of Europe. Today, Sephora operates in 33 countries globally, with an estimated 1700 stores across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia (Sephora report). Dawson…...
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In Asian culturelighter skin is socially construed with
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In Asian culture,lighter skin is socially construed with status,beauty and power.Originated from ancient Asian dynasties,to be pale-skinned in an environment where the sun was harsh implied high social status for individuals who remained indoors while labourers toiled under the sun.Additionally,the legacies of British colonialism in India caused British officials favour light-skinned Indians for jobs over dark-skinned Indians.Globalized modern Asia retained these biases, influenced by Westernized beauty ideals and media that equate whiteness with modern and urban wealth and success.This essay…...
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Hong Kong Wealth Gap
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Gini coefficient is one of the indicators of income inequality. Although it may not reflect the whole picture of income inequality, the figure is above 0. 5 implied the problem of income inequality may be existed. In 2006, Hong Kong is in great hazard seeing that our Gini Coefficient has risen from 0. 518 in 1996 to 0. 533. Compared to about 0. 424 to 0. 513 in Canada, Singapore and England, Hong Kong has an extremely high coefficient.However, the…...
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Why Pakistan Has Large Gap Between Rich and Poor
...Laws can be passed to solve these problems. Educational inequalities are faced due to the poor having no choice but to choose between life or education. This is once again a fault of the people in power and could be resolved. Political power is the m...
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