Allmen and the pink diamond by Martin Suter Review

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Only in the spring, the Swiss bestselling author Martin fired Suter with his first band “Allmendinger and Dragonflies” the go-ahead to a three-part crime series, and now we have the sequel “Allmen and the diamond” in hands. The unlikely pair Allmen and his servant Carlos founded the “International Inquiries Allmen” company two years ago, a company that operates worldwide and focuses retrieved works of art and antiques. The website is cocky: “The Art of tracing kind” …

After only two small orders can not claim that the money keeps pouring in.

But the request of an Englishman named Montgomery could achieve a breakthrough. Since Allmen can receive this man impossible in his backyard sweatshop, is his friend Tommy Grant, Junior of established law firm Grant Associates in Knightsbridge, for this purpose a representative office. There, that Montgomery appears on the agreed date in a business suit and abgewetztem Executive Case, but the shapely appearance contradicts be not at all upper-class English-excessive. Short, concise and to the point Montgomery Allmen placed the order, recover a pink diamond worth $ 45 million, and to find the perpetrators of the coup.

The hunt begins!

Quick is all focused on the Russians Artyom Sokolov, who happened rented a house for a year in Allmens neighborhood, but not even moved because he had to go into hiding. Allmen attaches itself to the Russians heels and feel it in the exclusive hotel “Grand Duc” in the Baltic Heiligendamm. After the two made themselves known and brotherhood have been drinking, can resonate Sokolow that he must first learn to live with wealth.

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That seems so to actually be the wanted man – and when he was later the dead found in the spa area, the hitherto rather plain knitted thriller has its first death. Afterwards Suter unfolds its full potential: The plot takes an unexpected turn, the novel gets a cutting-edge explosiveness and ending on the trading floor of the financial markets …

The detective story as such is not very exciting; the reading charm lies clearly with the protagonists who already have a cult for me.

The highborn Johann Friedrich von Allmen has not changed his noble life. Why should he? Noblesse oblige, and he can not live differently – for that you have understanding have. After Allmen, as we learn in the first band of his father hard-won heritage has brought in no time, he lives – despite the debt – in style and cultured. The impression he gives, he always money: it can be Mr. Arnold prefer Cadillac Fleetwood chauffeur he regularly visited by ten his Café Viennois to the daily rhythm with a siesta continue and conclude with a visit to the opera in the evening. He enjoys making a generous tips, and the question “Can we afford it?” is it never crossed his mind – until Carlos informed him that he had hired a cleaning lady …

The lower work takes his butler Carlos, an illegal from Guatemala. Submissive he brings Allmen each morning tea in bed, the gardening and janitorial work takes for Treuhand company that bought up the entire heritage Allmens and both the old gardener’s house was left with lifelong right to remain. Here could Carlos very different show off, because it is economical, puts his money sent to and even attacks his employer Allmen repeatedly with loans under the arms. Meanwhile even heard him the majority of the jointly established company “Allmen International Inquiries” because he has acquired more and more of Allmens share gradually.

While Allmen are fine Pinkel, who is embarrassed when shopping in the supermarket touches are and as proving incapable of such trivial activities that always modest Carlos pulls the strings behind the scenes. . Without his IT know-how they had this case not been able to solve

Martin Suter has found his own division: A gentleman’s novel with a con man in the finest tailored suit, for luxury is a necessity of life. It was just always a little more expensive to have a special taste. With a Bourbon for men, a five-o’clock-tea for the ladies, this novel can be relaxed in a lousy summer afternoon in August 2011 and read pleasant. And probably Allmen would have no qualms about raising her Diogenes output with its manicured hands, she is bound in fine light gray linen and provided with a cream-colored ribbon bookmark …

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